The First Week … ish

by prototypemmeh

I was planning on a “first week back” post after the first week of the Fall semester, but it ended up being a different first “week” than what I’ve associated with “normal.”

  • I have two Biology labs now.  Fun.  Right now there’s a huge difference in the skills required: I have a couple of weeks of microscope stuff that Anatomy & Physiology I has already run me through, but on the flip side Anatomy & Physiology II has thrown us in the deep end.
  • We had our “Violent Intruder Drill”, which I thought was usually in October.  This one was less terrible than the last two I’ve sat through.
  • We had an unexpected fire alarm.  Even this early in the semester, we took our sweet time evacuating.  Hooray for the burning alternative?
  • I’ve completed my first Fieldwork session, and with the schedule I can accommodate, I have plenty of leeway in my hours.  I hope my next Fieldwork placements allow such scheduling ease.
  • I could have waited until I had my first quizzes, but by that point I wouldn’t get something up until October.  First month is more like it.
  • I’ve missed an alarm already — user error — but had a cat as backup.
  • I’ve experienced first-hand what happens when the parkade closes and your car is still inside.

So there is my first extended week.  Maybe the semester won’t get any worse.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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