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Month: March, 2013

Family Future

I apologize for missing last week’s post, I had to work on the weekend, and there was quite a bit of drinking involved.  They may have even been related … who knows?

With my bro Jordan being a new father – and to be perfectly honest, his baby girl is cute – I started thinking about the progression of my family line.

  • My brother has one sibling: me.  My sister-in-law (a.k.a. his wife) is an only child.  They are expecting their firstborn in the summer.
  • I may be out of town/province/country/continent when their child is born.  I suppose the proper thing to do would be to inform them so I don’t get a phone-call at odd hours in Japan.  That would be expensive.
  • I am the only Uncle this child shall have.  I get to spoil him or her or them rotten, teach them all the cool moves I know, and generally make my brother’s life difficult, just like when we were kids ourselves.
  • Since I will be the only Uncle, this means I am responsible for providing cousins.  Cousins are key for anyone, no matter their age.  Even if you’re not close with a cousin growing up, you connect strongly with them as adults.  I am quite close to two of my cousins that I saw maybe a half-dozen times as a child.
  • Their child will have one great grand-mother on our side, and I believe a great grand-mother and great grand-father on her side.  This boggles my mind, I knew none of my great grand-parents, and the same goes for my brother.
  • He, she, or they will have two grand-parents on our side, and three or four on her side.  Her parents are divorced, and I believe her mother remarried.  I’m not sure about her father.  While I’m used to having friends with divorced parents, it will take me a while to wrap my head around a child having multiple grand-parent couples on the same side of the family.
  • My brother and I used Japanese words for our maternal grand-parents, in an attempt to embrace at least a tiny bit of our heritage.  However, we didn’t use the formal terms, instead just using “Baachan” and “Jiichan”.
  • On the flip side, our paternal grand-parents were referred to by “Nanny” and “Pops”, the reasons for which I can only assume lie within some part of British culture.  I believe my paternal great grand-father was referred to as “Chief”.
  • My cousin once told me that in order to keep family land in Japan, one of our female ancestors had her husband take her family name. I feel as though this would be uncommon in present day, but in Japan at least 70 years ago?  Yikes.
  • The Nagasaka and Perkins lines will be continued, however the Quackenbush line ends with my sister-in-law.  I suppose it’s inevitable that a family line will end eventually.

Those are just some thoughts that popped into my head.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?


Hon Basho

It’s that time of the year!  The Hon Basho kicked off for us North Americans on March 9th, and will wrap up on the 23rd.  You may remember a post back in January about the Hatsu Basho and the fantasy teams we picked.  I ended up winning $4 from it, and now look to increase my winnings this tournament.

To that end, I have re-enlisted the help of most of the same wrestlers.  Unfortunately, Chiyonokuni was promoted into the Makuuchi division.  I say “unfortunately”, but it is a good thing to see one of yours receive his just due.  So I have a new pick stepping in to replace his mawashi.

My Maegashira division remains unchanged:

My Juryo division is 4/5ths unchanged:
The newest addition to Team Senshu, ranked Juryo, out of Shikihide Beya: Sensho. He may be ranked #14, but I believe that Sensho will make himself, his Heya, and the rest of Team Senshu proud with his performances.
There may be sporadic/Sake-laden Twitter updates on the 23rd, with the hashtag “Sumo” or “Senshu” … if I remember.
Your #1 Canadian eh?

Experiments all up in this

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with some home-brew recipes for food.  My basic meal is rice, veggies, meat and sometimes egg.  It’s suitable to my current lifestyle: physical job in warehousing and plenty of mat time.  But how many ways can you pan-fry chicken?  Or beef?  Or eggs for that matter?  Add in the fact that I’m bound by allergen restraints such as most nuts and all seafood, and you see my limitations (Note, they aren’t MY allergies, I just don’t enjoy killing my roommate).

I grab recipes where I can: from coworkers, Mike Dolce, random inspiration, Twitter … y’know, the usual.

My first big one was a marinade for chicken, but I’m sure it could be easily adapted to beef or pork.  It’s a half/half of Dijon mustard and Horseradish (and for me, it was the “Extra Hot” version).  I whisked it together and let the chicken breasts sit in the mixture for around 48 hours.
I did this a few times, and the results were manageable.  It had a vinegary smell, but not overpowering -at least not to me- and had a mild taste.  I either need to thaw the chicken first, slice it and then marinade it, or find a third-party to enhance the flavour.

Result: Decent, but further experimentation warranted.

My next experiment is based off a product that my roommate’s boyfriend consumes: beef/liver burgers.  He’s a big fan of organ meats, which reminds me of steak and kidney pie my mother made.  Delicious.
To recreate this, I took fresh beef patties, diced up chicken livers, folded a patty in half with liver in-between.  I gave it a bit of a smush, worked the edges together, and then into the frying pan it went.  The result was satisfactory, but there are improvements to be made for next time.
Ideas include mixing ground beef and liver together and then forming the patties, along with some spices for added flavour.

Between the two, the burgers require less prep and cooking time, making it preferential that way.  After a few more attempts, I’ll have a more conclusive favourite, although I’d have to screw the burgers up pretty badly right now for them to drop out of the top spot.

What about you, my faithful readers?  Any home-crafted recipes to share?

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?