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Month: December, 2013

Cherry Mishmas!

If you’re reading this on Christmas Day, then you either need to spend more time with your family, longer opening presents, or find a family to spend time with (especially if you’re like me during the 2011-2012 season).

But that’s a rather large assumption, maybe it’s late at night and everything is open and you’re just now checking the social interwebs to see how friends faraway are doing.  In that case …




And a Happy 2014 to you all!

Look for my “2013 in Review” post on January the 6th.  Until then, enjoy the Holidays!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

A future rises

Man, sounds like a bad short story title.  Speaking of those, I haven’t written much in a while.  I “blame” Sumo and Benevolance for NaNo – or the lack thereof.

My first semester of post secondary is nearly at a close, one last exam by the time this is posted.  I completed Conditioning for Sports and Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport Psychology, and soon to be Biomechanics (the final final of this semester).

I found myself extremely interested in the sport psychology class, and everything that went on in it.  My professor – Dr. Trevor Hale – was well-spoken and worked well at getting his students to offer answers and examples.  He related many examples of his own history among sports or teams, and tweaked questions to relate to our own unique sports experience.

We did a series of journals chronicling what we had learned and how it pertains to our own lives and sporting history, beginning our APA-6 style referencing.  My first journal was average, it was odd to get into first-person POV writing, and writing about our motivations and such.  The second journal was far superior because I was more comfortable writing about myself and the psychology behind my strengths and weaknesses.  I did much better on my APA references as well.  Our final exam was a take-home, and the last step in the trilogy of journals.  It wanted us to detail our weaknesses and map out a plan to fix it.

The class was a great learning experience and a lot of fun, and I found that entering the Sport Psychology profession could be a very viable future for me.  So I sat down with my professor on the last day of classes to find out what a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology would require and get a more personal view on things.

One of the biggest things I took away from that meeting: Canada doesn’t offer a lot in terms of a graduate degree, the more viable options Europe, Australia, and the United States.  He recommends Australia in particular, since they have a multitude of teams and sports that would look for a sport psychologist.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from searching places in Canada, and I might head over to UBC or SFU to see what kind of grad program they offer.

I have an upcoming semester that I’ve already registered and paid for, so immediate priorities first.  And then we’ll see what the future holds for a grad program.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

Random Enough 2

Time for more … RANDOM FACTS!  But only because I have a few more details to research before posting my next topic.

-I am ahead of the curve on two movies adapted from books: World War Z and Ender’s Game.  I hope I can remember to divorce myself from what I know versus what is actually happening when I watch these movies.
-I am currently addicted to croissants.  Okay, I’ve always loved croissants, but I’ve recently been buying them every trip I make to the grocery store.
-I try to drink a couple litres of water per day, but I don’t always manage to do so when I’m not with my girlfriend
-There are times when I want to dedicate a lot of time to boxing or Muay Thai, because it would be fun to travel to Thailand for either of those sports
-My first semester of post secondary is almost at a close, two exams to go.
-My 360 gave me the RRoD recently, and I’ve been afraid to double-check to see if it’s a lasting issue.
-I have done no research on either the PS4 or the Xbox One.
-I think I have acclimatized to the Vancouver area’s “winters” now.
-Said acclimatization has only increased my love for being warm and in warm places.  30 degrees Celsius sounds fantastic always.
-I need to fine-tune my sponsorship application approach.

Until next week’s post (and there WILL be a post next, on time)
–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?