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Two truths and a lie

I went to a training day where “Two Truths and a Lie” was the ice-breaker.  We were terribly unprepared in the beginning, but by the end people had good lies to mix in and the rest of us had good guesses.  But it got me thinking that perhaps I could make a bunch of random facts and mix in a lie, then my readers could comment with what they think the lie is.  Let’s play!

  • I have had surgery
  • I have flown a plane
  • I have not visited Newfoundland
  • I have not visited New Brunswick
  • I have not visited Nova Scotia
  • I have not visited Prince Edward Island
  • I have watched more of the Rio 2016 Olympics than any other Olympics combined
  • I coach high school students in Freestyle Wrestling
  • I do not have a family doctor
  • According to my future goals, I have a lot of learning ahead of me.  A LOT.
  • I have eaten kangaroo
  • I have visited family in the hospital
  • I have visited the ER for myself

So, you have 12 truths and a single lie.  Which is lie?  Comment with your thoughts!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army

Updates, but a little late

The winter semester was quite demanding on my time, and I spent most of my down-time being a lazy potato.  Then I had the summer semester — shorter, but no less demanding as it was a completely different subject — and up next is my wedding.  So I haven’t had a lot of time to think about topics to write about; my contributions to my sponsor’s blog have dropped as well.  But let’s look at the goals we set down in January:

  • earn my purple, brown, and black belts in BJJ
  • research the time and cost for becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (to supplement BA and MA)
  • earn my Sport Science diploma, Kinesiology specialization
  • obtain my PDP from SFU UBC
  • graduate from the BPEC program
  • continue coaching the NWSS Hyacks
  • complete rough draft of paper on BJJ for peer review and editing
  • learn how to properly skip rope for cardio
  • improve skip rope technique and increase intensity

In six months, what have I crossed off?  Well,

Earn my Sport Science diploma, Kinesiology specialization: I didn’t actually receive my diploma because I had heard that getting your diploma required you to reapply to the BPEC program.  Two pieces of paper seems nice, but I’ll still be able to obtain the Kinesiology specialization with the degree.  However, I did complete all the requirements for the diploma, and posted my well-loved “report card” on my Instagram.

Learn how to properly skip rope for cardio: thanks to some friends I’ve been able to not only start skipping, but maintain it in a decent rhythm.  I’ve also added in the cross-over, though it needs a bit of work.  Perhaps once I get a more properly-sized rope, or get more reps in, I’ll be able to hit the next bullet point about improving technique and intensity.

Next we have some modifications:

Obtain my PDP from SFU UBC: I’ve modified this from SFU to UBC.  SFU has their requirements laid out in a fairly neat and tidy package, but they require a declared minor in a Science type (Math, Physics, Chemisty, etc.) or French.  While re-learning French is a great option to take, at this point in my time at college it will mean at least another year; my competency isn’t enough to challenge an exam.  On the flip side of this PDP coin is UBC.  I actually hadn’t done any research for the Professional Development Program because I (incorrectly) assumed SFU was the only school that offered it.  Imagine my surprise when a Google search turns up eight school in B.C. from the Island to the Okanagan.  UBC does not require a declared minor, but their site is a bit more finicky to navigate and find the requirements.  I do have an “inside track” by way of a friend who recently got a job teaching at the same school I started my fieldwork, and so far UBC has been fairly prompt and decently informative with e-mails.  I’ll have to look in to attending an info session as well.

While I continue to complete my classes in my upcoming third year of the program, I take a long look at one of my more serious goals:

Complete rough draft of paper on BJJ for peer review and editing: My initial thought was to write something more sociology-based even though there is a bigger shortage of peer-reviewed articles based on physiology and psychology for the sport.  I got in contact with a fellow Redditor who was running a poll to collect data for non-research ends; the man is looking to do a full proper study starting in the fall, and I have asked to be a part of this process in any fashion.

Research the time and cost for becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (to supplement BA and MA): To be honest, getting my RMT status may be a bit too much.  The best programs are a full-time four-year process, with a cost equal to a Bachelor’s degree.  Being able to supplement my services with massage therapy is a wonderful idea, but I may have to look at alternate massage certifications.  It stays on the list, but will likely be modified before the year’s end.

Finally, I add a special goal to honour a friend of mine who is taking his learning to the next level:

Make it Raf’s Place to Challenge Him! Co-host of the MMA-comedy podcast “Verbal Tap Cast” (find, subscribe, and rate them on iTunes!), Raf Esparza and I have forged a relationship that consists mostly of trash talking each other and a certain Kevin T. Phillips.  I have vowed to meet with Raf on our field of battle: the mats of North Hollywood (or whatever sub-section of the sprawl known as L.A. Raf resides and/or trains in).  Perhaps Kevin Phillips can make it to town, where I can avenge my loss from our time on Over/Under Kevin.

And now, the new list:

  • earn my purple, brown, and black belts in BJJ
  • research the time and cost for becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (to supplement BA and MA)
  • obtain my PDP from SFU UBC
  • graduate from the BPEC program
  • continue coaching the NWSS Hyacks
  • complete rough draft of paper on BJJ for peer review and editing
  • improve skip rope technique and increase intensity
  • meet with, challenge, and defeat Raf Esparza of Verbal Tap “fame”
    • knee-bar or heel-hook Kevin if he’s in town

How are your goals progressing?  Let’s chat about them!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army


2015’s Year of the Sheep: In Review

We may remember that 2014 was good.  But 2015? Yowzah.

Sheep!  I could go the obvious route about sheep and flocking and yadda-yadda-yadda, but then I’d feel a little sheepish about it.  Ba-DUM-tish!

Once more (with feeling) these are just some of the important days, notes, and highlights in my year.

-January: After reviewing the requirements for entry into the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching (BPEC) program, I arranged with former Professor Gord Sturrock to become an assistant coach for the Hyacks’ Wrestling Team out of New Westminster Secondary School.  I helped out with their first tournament of the season: the Western Canada Age Class 2015 Championship, where they all wrestled to a podium finish.  I attended Battlefield Fight League’s 34th card featuring a hefty line-up of friends and training partners: Jeremy Kennedy, Shawn Albrecht, Micah Brakefield, and Christiaan Allaart.  Christiaan’s opponent would no-show to the weigh-ins, forcing him from the card.  Micah would lose to Ash Mashreghi via questionable stoppage, but it was an exciting fight nonetheless.  Shawn would win a unanimous decision and put him as the #1 contender in the Featherweight division.  Jeremy would win a unanimous decision (including a 50-43 score) to claim the Featherweight title belt.  My seat-mates were Sterling Redlack and Stu Deleurme – invited down from Kelowna by BFL to honour Cam’s passing – and Matt Dwyer – former BFL Middleweight champ and current UFC fighter.10945393_10152516525252172_8174109688879230386_o IMAG2571

-February: Keri and I moved from our place off of 240th and into a newer place on the Haney Bypass.  We moved the big objects during my study break, and got the rest during the month.  With cement floors and ceilings – plus underground parking – it is an upgrade in layout, noise (the lack thereof mainly), and time saved by not scraping frost.  The stairs don’t go down to the parkade, which is a touch annoying, but that’s a mild complaint honestly.  The Hyacks went to the BC Provincials at the Abbotsford Agricultural Rec Centre at the end of the month, and several team members made the top eight to get onto the podium.  I also attended a tournament, the 2nd Marcus Soares Invitational Championships, my first of the year.  I opted in for Gi and No-Gi, feeling decently confident in my stand-up.  Since this tournament only awarded points for submission attempts, I probably would have been safer to jump guard ASAP, but I wanted to test myself.  I lost both of my rounds, but hit an amazing lumberjack sweep in my No-Gi match.  Then I proposed to Keri.  My friend James from Caliber Media was there to help with pictures of the moment.  She said yes.20150221_121657 received_10155313250690473

-March: WarPath hosted their first card in about two years.  I am sad to report that it was not up to their usual standards, plagued by delays and a lineup that was not finalized until the night of the event.  Of note, my friend and former opponent Creigh Sullivan won via dominant fashion, securing a triangle choke in the first round. Battlefield’s 35th card occurred on the 28th, featuring well-known talent such as Nick Ghaeni, Jamie Siraj, Matt Baker, and my friend and former teammate Christian Tremayne.  It was a great night to watch the local talent grow, as well as see their corners evolve.  Notably in attendance were UFC bantamweight veteran Sarah Kaufmann, and ONE FC featherweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes.  Christian won with crisp boxing and slick transitions, getting the Unanimous Decision.  Keri and I celebrated our 2-year anniversary with some lovely relaxation.

-April: Keri celebrated her birthday in conjunction with the Easter Long Weekend, which made for quite a time for all.  Apparently people know us as fans of Doctor Who, as many of her gifts were Doctor-themed.  The final weeks of my classes finished, and then exams.  During that period I had enough stress to lower my immune system and catch a cold and a low-grade fever.  Despite that, I managed to pass all of my classes and up my GPA.  One more course to register and pass, and then I am accepted into my Bachelor’s program.  Keri scheduled an interview at the end of the month at Ridge Meadows Hospital, and her professionalism and knowledge made her a sure-fire hire.

-May: Keri began her training and orientation for her job, traveling to Royal Columbian, Surrey Memorial, and Ridge Meadows.  Then she got an e-mail from ARH asking if she was still available for shifts on the Maternity ward.  While the timing could have been better, it does mean that she could pick up casual shifts from both hospitals and thus have a decent amount of hours.  My summer semester started, and a day earlier than I had previously believed.  Fortunately I caught my erroneous belief before the start, so I managed to appear prepared. The end of the month meant Proving Grounds VI in Bellevue, a tournament I was quite eager for.  It was the same weekend as the IBJJF Mundials which saw a lot of my friends and teammates compete.  Unfortunately I came up short in my tournament thanks to a call that should not have been made.  The experience soured the day for me, but the evening was able to pull it back thanks to Battlefield 36.  It was BFL’s 5th Anniversary. and the card featured five title fights: three amateur titles, one inaugural kickboxing title, and one pro title.  My friend and former teammate/coach Christiaan Allaart would suffer a loss via guillotine choke in the first round, going unconscious and making him unable to claim the Featherweight title.  Christiaan would also retire from MMA following his fight, leaving him able to concentrate on his family and his job teaching BJJ.  Friend and former teammate Christian Tremayne would weather a hard first and second round before going on to win the final three rounds to win the vacant Lightweight belt via unanimous decision, 48-47.  Friend and former co-worker Tylor Nicholson would be unable to continue the inaugural kickboxing bout due to receiving unintentional illegal blows; that coming after his opponent missed weight by 5 pounds.  Chris Anderson would defend his Middleweight title via KO in the second round; Ash Mashreghi would claim the vacant pro Middleweight title via RNC in the third round.

-June: The first Saturday was a taste test at Austin Gourmet, a wedding catering company.  We selected a 3-bean salad, southwestern potato salad, spinach and feta cannelloni in a white sauce, and a beef lasagna.  All of it was amazing, filling, and not greasy.  While eating, we chatted about the general layout of the Old Mill Boathouse, and got some experienced input on where the head table should go.  The staff at Austin Gourmet were very pleasant to deal with, and we recommend them to anyone looking for a caterer.  The next Saturday was the CBJJF 3rd Annual Provincial BJJ Championships, hosted in Abbotsford at the Events Centre.  I volunteered with the set-up and the scorekeeping, plus I competed in Gi and No-Gi; medalling in both.  The following Monday I attended a seminar hosted by top Featherweight competitor Gianni Grippo, learning about a berimbolo set-up.  Friend, roommate, and teammate Jordan and I would complete the Grouse Grind for the first time in many years.  It is quite different now with a lot more completed staircases and fewer rocks to scale.image 20150613_16293720150704_11064820150704_123519

-July: After a few false bookings, I booked and completed my Standard First Aid & CPR level C + AED certification; a prerequisite not only to graduate from my program but also to start my fieldwork courses in the fall.  The two-day course was a lot easier than the provided First Aid Reference Guide suggested, but there are skills that I want to continue to practice.  Keri and I went to lunch with my cousin Courtney, finally allowing the two of them to meet face to face instead of relying on stories from me.  Professor Cobrinha returned to town for a two-day seminar, concentrating on the double-under guard pass and utilizing a Kimura grip in a variety of ways.  My cousin Mike came down from Kelowna to participate as well, which was fun.  That same weekend I attended Battlefield Fight League’s 37th card, which was aired on the Fight Network.  My teammate and friend Shawn Albrecht fought but fell prey to a superior stand-up game despite his control of the ground game.  UFC Bantamweight fighter Sarah Kaufmann was in town to coach her teammate and fellow professional fighter Ryan Janes to a successful and exciting Middleweight title defence.  A day later my parents arrived in town for a quick vacation, allowing for an impromptu reunion of sorts followed by a family engagement party.20150725_184717 20150725_145203

-August: Longtime friend Jordan tied the knot in a wonderful, simple, and fun Hawaiian-themed ceremony; myself and longtime friend Niv were the groomsmen, along with fellow Edmontonian Jan.  Friend and training partner Matt Kwan would host an open mat at his new academy On Guard BJJ, and receive his well-deserved and long-awaited brown belt.  I volunteered at the Katana BJJ Roots BJJ Challenge III, and ended up competing rather spur-of-the-moment.  I had enough warning to invite my cousin Courtney to come watch, it helped that the tournament was at the Richmond Oval.  I took gold after two good matches, and I got another two takedowns.   I would make my way up to Kelowna to attend a Rafa Mendes seminar – thus completing a third seminar by one of the best BJJ Featherweights in the world – and managed to get in a couple of training sessions with the beasts at RDC Jiu-Jitsu.  While there, I went (or tried) wakeboarding, and then had a blast on a huge tube — until it flipped and launched me into the air.  Apparently my body made a very unmistakeably loud noise when it hit the water.  But, no injuries to report from that!  Amanda and I (and everyone else) pulled a surprise engagement party for Keri (and for me, but one of us had to be in on it).  Finally, Keri and I managed to sneak off for a week-long trip to Alberta to visit my parents and test-drive some Subarus.  We managed to avoid the massive windstorm as well.11911949_10207638996872102_982762283_n 20150808_150332

-September: I finished the last round of my Twinrix Immunization, bringing me up to date on Hep A/B, MMR, and Tetanus.  Another Fall semester started with an unexpected fire alarm, an expected Violent Intruder Drill, and Fieldwork Orientation.  Amanda and Ben had their engagement party, which was a fun mingling experience with mini pumpkin pies!  Just as my school schedule became normal, Keri and I jetted off to Florida/a quick Bahaman cruise (BOAT DAY!) for my good friends Jeff and Claire and their wedding!  Yay!  I helped Jordan get his first sponsorship with Just Saiyan, a company that has a collection of shirts and rashguards featuring costumes from DragonBall Z.  Jordan picked up Vegeta and Frieza, Keri grabbed a Vegeta (which can double as child Gohan on Namek), and I grabbed a Goku.20150927_145206 20150927_122733 20150927_112224 20150926_190058

-October: We celebrated my 31st birthday in a low-key style: watching the UFC 192 card with friends.  I started getting back to the weights to push my weight solidly into the Middleweight bracket, with the assistance of Twin 1: Jack.  The entire household went to the advance voting polls to cast our votes for the Federal election, an action that over 800,000 Canadians joined in on.  My Fieldwork site was a voting station, and they didn’t seem terribly busy during the scant moments I was inside to notice them — but that doesn’t mean they weren’t getting a good turnout.  Battlefield Fight League held their 39th card, “Halloween Hell”, at the Hard Rock Casino.  Friend and sometimes-teammate Stu Deleurme fought for the first time since Cam passed away; Stu unfortunately lost via first round TKO.  Mr. Kitty unfortunately passed away, but it appeared to be painless for her.  She will always be loved, and missed dearly.20151017_204602 20151007_215702 20151003_220507 20150916_165218

-November: Keri and I went to visit the Shar Peis that Sonja breeds, and enjoyed being once again in a pile of dogs.  We had a sleepover with one of the gorgeous dogs, and soon realized that separating a grown adult from her pack was not the easiest task in the world; especially compared to raising a puppy.  It was a good lesson to learn, but at least we enjoyed a night of having a dog sleep on the bed with us.  I did my first solo stint as a wrestling coach at a takedown tournament.  It was a great way to give our youngest team member some competition experience before War On The Floor; a big thanks to the Pinetree wrestlers for ignoring the 25kg difference in weight and giving him several matches.  My fieldwork at Maple Creek wrapped up, and I was gifted one of their shirts.  More than 10 years after graduating high school I’m finally starting to feel school pride.  Finally, I got my seasonal flu shot, continuing the trend I started in the summer.20151115_184102

-December: The month started out with my last tournament of the year: the 1st Annual Vancouver International Open.  I competed in Gi and No-Gi, and volunteered all day.  My Gi division didn’t go as planned, but I managed a better show in No-Gi, taking Gold.  My cousin Courtney came out to watch, and we had a little family reunion with our cousin/my teammate Mike.  The first official tournament of the wrestling season kicked off right as I had to write my big Anatomy & Physiology final, but the timing worked so the Hyacks had a coach with them all day.  I solo coached four of my wrestlers at War On The Floor, two of them were second-year veterans and two of them were new.  None of them have any big holes in their games to deal with, just small things to be corrected in practice and with more experience.  Back on the dog front, we puppy-sat the gorgeous little Muji while Sonja tended to the newest litter of puppies.  This gave her the opportunity to work somewhat less impeded while giving Muji lots of love and attention.  Keri and I had multiple Christmas dinners with family and friends, including some haggis!  ‘Twas delicious actually.  Finally, I felt my first earthquake on the 29th, a 4.9 on the Richter scale.  It was a bit underwhelming, but perhaps this building is a bit more earthquake-ready as compared to older places.20151220_185041 20151205_184130

What a year it’s been!  I know some of what 2016 will bring, but I’m looking forward to all of it!  How was your 2015?  Any big highlights — or small ones — that you’d like to share?

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army

The First Week … ish

I was planning on a “first week back” post after the first week of the Fall semester, but it ended up being a different first “week” than what I’ve associated with “normal.”

  • I have two Biology labs now.  Fun.  Right now there’s a huge difference in the skills required: I have a couple of weeks of microscope stuff that Anatomy & Physiology I has already run me through, but on the flip side Anatomy & Physiology II has thrown us in the deep end.
  • We had our “Violent Intruder Drill”, which I thought was usually in October.  This one was less terrible than the last two I’ve sat through.
  • We had an unexpected fire alarm.  Even this early in the semester, we took our sweet time evacuating.  Hooray for the burning alternative?
  • I’ve completed my first Fieldwork session, and with the schedule I can accommodate, I have plenty of leeway in my hours.  I hope my next Fieldwork placements allow such scheduling ease.
  • I could have waited until I had my first quizzes, but by that point I wouldn’t get something up until October.  First month is more like it.
  • I’ve missed an alarm already — user error — but had a cat as backup.
  • I’ve experienced first-hand what happens when the parkade closes and your car is still inside.

So there is my first extended week.  Maybe the semester won’t get any worse.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army

Live Free or Random Hard

  • I finished a book that I started shortly after Christmas.  About damn time.
  • I sorted through a lot of my childhood stuff from my first home.  Four big boxes can be donated or saved for grandchildren, three Banker’s boxes were emptied into various recycling.  That should give my parents more space to reorganize.
  • The air-quality here right now is driving my lungs insane.  I am not enjoying breathing right now.  But since I need it to live, I shall continue.
  • While we were vacationing, we missed a crazy windstorm that affected the Lower Mainland and knocked out a lot of power.  I’ve always known Maple Ridge to experience power outages, but our area came on after five hours or so.
  • I rewatched a few Disney movies, and finally watched Brave.  Slowly completing the Disney Viewing list.
  • Once more the title references Die Hard.  Because why not?
  • ADCC 2015 wrapped up, giving us some champions that no one saw coming, and some that everyone saw coming.
  • Finally, this post goes up on a Monday.  It’s been a while.

Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army

Randomer with a Vengeance

Well, we’re well into 2015, so it’s time for another round of Random!

  • I actually come to a full 3-second stop at stop signs and right-hand turns with lights (given no yield).  How dare I?
  • I bought two new books this month.  How dare I?
  • I am volunteering at a secondary school (or high school for some of us) and their wrestling program.  How dare I?
  • A lot of my favourite fighters to watch have retired from the octagon: Chael Sonnen (now on, “You’re Welcome), Duane “BANG” Ludwig (Head coach at Ludwig MMA, former Team Alpha Male head coach).  How dare I?
  • My currently-active favourite fighters are both WSOF: “Notorious” Nick Newell (#5 Lightweight), and David Branch (Middlweight champion).  How dare I?
  • I clip my lunch kit to my backpack.  The kit rides my hip comfortably and stays out of the way.  How dare I?
  • I should have title this post “How dare I?”, but I didn’t.  How dare I?

Any random facts of your own?  Comment below … if you dare!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army


I commute four days a week to school and back, which takes me about 40 minutes to an hour for the round trip.  I get easily annoyed at all of the commercials on all of the radio stations, and the constant repetition of songs that I just don’t enjoy, so I’ve long ago made the switch to podcasts and audiobooks.  Based on what I enjoy, I have some recommendations to make.

Chaos Theatre: Your all-in-one nerd podcast from MAHQ

Hosted by MAHQ’s own Chris Guanche, and Pedro G. Cortes of Tomopop, this podcast focuses on the nerdy aspect of life.  From books, movies, t.v. series, and anime, they’ve got it all, and on occasion some interviews, like voice actor Crispin Freeman, or game developers, or Kevin Smith.  Chris and Pedro have great on-air chemistry, and are quick-witted.  They not only review things, but they also answer mailbag questions, and have an trial and recommendations for audiobooks each episode.  They update every two weeks or so, and are available on iTunes; just search for Chaos Theater.

Gundamn! @MAHQ: Your unofficial podcast of all things Gundam and mecha!

Hosted by SoulBroRyu and Neo the blond/brunette/whatever his hair colour is right now Ace, and Chris Guanche (who is currently on a vacation hiatus), this podcast focuses on mecha-based anime, and some sci-fi films like Pacific Rim and Transformers.  They also have interviews with voice actors, and do call-in episodes.  Each episode goes over breaking news regarding Sir Michael Bay (not actually knighted under the British Empire), Robot Apocalypse (sanctioned by the 12 Colonies), and other mecha news.  Then they have their one or two main segments, typically reviewing a mecha series, or having an interview.  Finally, they wrap up with the mailbag and voicemails.  Gundamn! updates every month or so, and are available on iTunes.  Plus, SoulBro makes some awesome audio commercials.

Verbal Tap Cast: Where fighting is easier outside the cage

Hosted by Kevin and Raf Esparza, two BJJ practitioners and MMA enthusiasts.  They have interviews with so many people, BJJ experts, MMA fighters from all organizations, and pre- and re-cap tournaments and cards.  This makes their update schedule a little difficult to keep track of, but near as I can tell it’s at least once a week.  They are also legitimately funny.  I’ve only been listening for about a month, catching up on the backlog of episodes, but now I’m almost there.  Find them on iTunes!

Open Mat Radio: Tapping you into Grappling Culture

This is the latest podcast I’ve begun listening to, and they have quite the backlog to sort through.  Hosts Paul and Rafael are very knowledgeable in grappling, and have tonnes of great interviews; B.J. Penn, Rafael Lovato Jr., Dean Lister, and so many more.  Some of their interviews are cut into two parts, making each of their podcasts very reasonable in length.  With over 100 episodes to go through, I haven’t been able to discern an update schedule yet.  Find them on iTunes, and they have some contests with cool prizes!

What are some of your favourite podcasts, and why do you enjoy them?  Let me know!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Triangle Army, Respect the Technique.

Signs you’re dating a Martial Artist

  • There are Gis/Doboks/Uniforms/etc. taking up closet space
  • There are Gis/Doboks/Uniforms/etc. hanging in the laundry room drying
  • They are adept at folding their Gi/Dobok/Uniform in a particular way, and feel the strong urge to re-fold if someone else folds it even a hair differently
  • They are home anytime between 8p.m. to 10p.m. on a regular basis
  • Their gear/gym bag is never quite put away
  • They are near-continuously plagued by minor injuries
  • They are sometimes beset by major injuries
  • There’s a good chance they have completely fractured at least one bone
  • There’s a good chance they have hairline fractures on one or more bone
  • There’s a good chance they have at least one bruise on their body at all times
  • They have probably lost count of how many bloody/fat lips they have acquired
  • They have probably lost count of how many bloody/fat lips they have given
  • They have probably lost count of how many times they have rolled their ankle(s)
  • They have probably taped any/all of the following: fingers, toes, knees, ankles, wrists, etc.
  • They know bits and pieces of the language associated with their martial art (i.e., BJJ = Portuguese, Tae Kwon-Do = Korean, etc.)
  • Their gear/gym bag is selected based on how much it can hold for a tournament
  • Their mouth guard is constantly floating in a bowl of denture cleaner
  • They have opinions on multiple brands and styles of mouth guards
  • Their non-martial arts friends don’t often mix with their martial arts friends
  • They probably have a protein shake or three after training
  • They probably have either multiple water bottles, or one giant water bottle.  Or a combination of the two.
  • They will be seen doing some martial art related moves randomly through the house

I’m sure there are more based on specific martial arts and personalities, but those are just a few that I may or may not be guilty of.  Do you have more to add?  Comment below!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?


Signs you’re dating a Nurse

  • You start memorizing how long it takes to prep and cook
  • You time meal readiness to coincide with their return
  • You pack 6+ small containers of easily eaten food that won’t typically cause bad breath
  • In case of bad breath, you buy breath mints once a month along with the regular groceries
  • You do the grocery shopping between your classes or before/after work
  • You become intimate with the various washer and dryer cycles and their exact times
  • You do a load of laundry 1.5-3 times a week, because no one wants to wear dirty scrubs
  • You get a crash course in human anatomy and physiology
  • You enrol in a post-secondary course for human anatomy and physiology to better understand conversations about work
  • You have blacked out the bedroom window so they may better sleep during the transition from day shifts to night shifts
  • You learn to maximize the few moments available during their 4-day 12-hour shifts
  • Their coworkers recognize you from popping in with coffee and treats
  • You find medical textbooks open to various pages
  • You begin to memorize certain pages from said medical textbooks
  • You are familiar with – and a fan of – one or more of the following shows: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House M.D.
  • You are familiar with – and a fan of – one or more show not listed above
  • You are familiar with many of the normal questions asked by medical professionals in regards to what ails you
  • You don’t see a doctor, you get the bulk of your clinic-worthy visits done at home between shifts
  • Your friends want to see you for medical advice instead of waiting for a doctor

Any more to add?  Comment below!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?


The Professors

Happy Victoria Day!  Now onto business: my professors.  FACTS!

  • I have completed two semesters and started a third
  • I have registered for three courses in each semester, making a total of nine courses
  • For those nine courses, I have had seven professors
  • Of those seven professors, two have been female, five have been male
  • Of the two female professors, one has her doctorate, the other is completing hers
  • Of the five male professors, three have completed their doctorates, and the other two are completing theirs
  • Of the three male professors with their doctorates, two are in Psychology, one is in Philosophy
  • I am compiling a list of professors of which I wish to learn from again

The list that I am compiling won’t be complete until more of the summer semester is done, but so far it has both of my psych teachers.

Enjoy your holiday day!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?