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Month: October, 2015

Semi-semester examinations

Or semi-ester exams.

It is that time of the semester again: mid term exams!  Of course, I misread one of the dates and thought it was a week later than it truly was.  The silver lining: more time to study for other subjects.  The dark cloud: that was the easy midterm.

We’ll hit the eye of the storm once the midterms happen, and then it will be the other side as we wait for the marks to be returned.  Hooray!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army



Being a very undersized Middleweight competitor (up to 181.5lbs with the gi on), I have two choices: cut the few pounds to be a Lightweight (168lbs) either each time or permanently, or gain weight — preferably muscle.  So I decided on option 2: muscle.

Getting another membership and finding the time to get there just wasn’t feasible, along with the fact that I didn’t have a workout plan.

Problem 1: a gym.  Answer 1: Douglas College.  Students get access to the weight room and other facilities during their posted hours.

Problem 2: finding time.  Answer 2: Before, after, or between classes.  Certainly makes it worth the drive when I can do something on campus that is longer than a single class a day.

Problem 3: a workout plan.  Answer 3: Jack-Attack!  My boy Jack, a wrestler on the SFU team and a classmate of mine, was already doing sessions at the gym.  He, like I, was on campus five days a week.  It was only natural that we join forces to be gym-boys together.

Boom, problem solved!  Now I just have to actually gain weight.  The bonus side of things: we’re doing some anaerobic cardio as well, something that is a must for wrestling and BJJ.  We’ll get stronger, we’ll get more endurance when the pressure is on, and we’ll look good doing so.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army.

Canadian Gobble-Gobble Day

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Monday Day!  Turkey, Ham, and Yams all around eh?!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Gobble-dian eh?Respect the Technique, Triangle Army