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Month: April, 2013

Oh the Olympics

It’s not new news that Wrestling will not being the included in the Summer Olympics from 2020 and onwards.  Wrestling has – with the exception of the 1900 Summer games – been one of the core 25 sports in the Summer Olympics.
Wrestling was added in 708 B.C. alongside boxing and pankration.  Both sports are around today, but in a noticeable decline.

Wrestling is huge in schools around North America, at the Grade school and Collegiate level.  At Christmas last year I ran into someone I competed against when we were in Grade 9.  At that time I competed in the -50 kg division, and eked out a few 4th and 3rd place finishes in my one year of competitions.  I started my wrestling career in Grade 7 when our gym class had an 8-week wrestling program in place.  It continued until the end of Grade 9, where I unwisely stopped wrestling.  To this day I wish I had kept up with it until the end of High School.

But the reason why I’m posting about Olympic Wrestling now is because of this video:

Everything that is said in the video is something I agree with.  I – thankfully – never had to undergo weight cuts for any of my competitions, but having cut weight for a couple of BJJ tournaments, I understand a fraction of what Wrestlers subject themselves to.

Every child should learn the following skills at a young age: swimming, skating and wrestling.
From there they can choose to continue wrestling, or enroll in a martial art, or just leave it all behind.  But one day each person will look back on their time spent wrestling and smile at it and thank their parents for enrolling them in a wrestling program.

Should I have a child, he or she will be enrolled (with agreement from the mother of course) in those lessons until he or she decides what to do.  I didn’t enjoy swimming lessons, but I’m thankful for them.  I sucked at skating lessons as a child and went back as an adult to continue to learn.  I enjoyed wrestling at a young age, and wish to continue/relearn as an adult.  If Douglas or UFV has a wrestling program, I’ll join that, time permitting.

Once again, the video makes all the points that I would want to make, but the truest one of all is wrestlers don’t get paid.  There is no multi-fight contract with win bonuses like boxing or MMA, there is just the love of the sport and world-level competition of the Olympics.

Save Olympic Wrestling.  Save the future.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

Suggestion: Easy-Mode Cosplay

Thanks to Stormland for the topic suggestion from last week’s post.

Cosplay.  Easy Cosplay.

I have no sewing abilities, nor have I tried to craft with Worbla, foam or pepakura.  Despite that, I have Cosplay plans flowing out of my ears.  A few of them are quite intricate and detailed, like Baird from the Gears of  War series, or a Spartan-II from the Halo series.

The easiest of cosplays to do may be Ryu or Ken from the Street Fighter series.  A gi with the arms cut off, a black belt, some basic Karate-style fists and you’re set.  Of course, it can be quite detailed, but you could assemble a basic costume for $50 or so.

Of course, there’s easy military cosplays you can do as well, anything from Call of Duty, Medal of Honour etc. etc. To make it look good you’ll need a molle tac vest, knee pads and thigh holster to accompany either an olive green or digi camo BDU.  Flag, unit and rank patches are optional, the same with molle pouches like ammo clip holders, dump bag, radio holder etc.  Even at a cheap military surplus store, you’re looking at at least $300 for a basic ensemble.

A problem that you might face when cosplaying something relatively simple and cheap is being unrecognized.  For example, you could go as Kiichi Miyazawa from “Tough” and only need a pair of black sweats with a red stripe down the outside of each leg and some hand wraps.  But it’s not well enough known or uniquely recognizable on it’s own, so you would be answering a lot potentially awkward questions.

Not quite as easy would be a few of the primary characters in Hajime no Ippo, since most of them have semi-custom shorts.  However, as old as the Ippo series is, there are some great fans who would instantly recognize a cosplay.

The more popular/common cosplays like Bleach, Naruto or even One Piece can be found online, a decent price for a decent-ish quality.  Of course sizing is always an issue when buying from online, so be prepared for technical difficulties.

If you have the talent and time to sew or craft, then the possibilities are endless, but those are a few examples of easy cosplays.  Please comment with any other topic suggestions you might have or other easy cosplays.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

Random enough?

Once again I’ve managed to mess up my own schedule and miss a posting day.  Part of this is because no topic is coming to mind that I really want to discuss.  So, I shall take any and all topic suggestions under advisement henceforth.

For now: RANDOM FACTS!  Because we all love those.

-I’ve lost 4.5 pounds since the beginning of April.  This, sadly, is unwanted.
-I was going to sign up for NAGA Seattle that’s happening on May 18th, but I’m apparently going to Montreal for work that weekend instead.
-My instructor Christiaan was awarded his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Many congratulations to him.
-I really need to get off my ass and earn my blue belt.
-I logged into XBox Live the other evening.  Sadly, everything I wanted to do required an update.
-Returning to playing video games isn’t quite like riding a bike.  I certainly died a few times as I re-familiarized myself with the controls.
-Some USB sticks don’t get along with PS3 Slims.
-I need to remember to grab my goggles for when I go swimming next.
-I may be trying to guilt my parents into visiting  in the early summer so I can see them again.  Also so they can “interrogate” my girlfriend in person.

Maybe I’ll be more prepared for next week … or maybe not.  But suggest topics!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?


Saturday March 23rd, friends and allies Jennerosity and Benevolance hosted a themed costume party dubbed “Samurai Night Fever”.  As you might guess, the theme was Japanese.  The bulk of the attendees – hosts included – opted for robes, and made some nice ones on top of that.  However, myself and one other opted for a gi.  I donned a Kamikaze Europe “Fighting Gi” and Ev donned a judo gi and some basic sparring armour from his Taekwondo days.

As we arrived, we drew for a house to gain honour for.  I drew “Tsuru”, with a Crane logo.  Each house had an advantage and disadvantage to it, which could gain additional honour, or gain dishounour.  Over the course of the afternoon and evening there were several competitions to showcase various skills.

The first challenge was the Haiku.  Ev, Jeff and I drew a card each, and whatever word was on each card had to be incorporated into the haiku.  “Axe”, “River” and “Fire” were our chosen words.  After the allotted time was up, we handed them in for Lance to read out loud.  We would vote on which we liked best, but we couldn’t vote for our own.  My haiku was based off personal experience:


Axe kick to my face
A River of blood flows from me
Cauterize with Fire



Next we had the Origami challenge, which I somehow won as well, folding 3 out of the 10 different puzzles.  I managed the butterfly, the 4-pointed star and the boat.  Had I more time I probably could have gone back and completed my first puzzle, though I can’t recall which one I attempted.


Then we had the “Odds and Evens” gambling challenge, where I narrowly squeaked a second-place finish for another honour.  By “narrowly squeaked” I mean I held my last chip to bet until the end, and thus had one more than most of the other gamblers.


Next was Dominion, which was pretty fun, if confusing for one of our participants at first.  Fortunately I was between Gareth and Jeff, the two who have played the game before, so any questions I had were quickly answered.  I lost the challenge, but suffered no dishonour for having fun.


Then came the video games.  We busted out Mario Kart 64 in Battle Mode and Tetris.   I can do the Tetris dance, but I cannot play well enough to compete.  The same goes for Karaoke on Rock Band.  I was randomly assigned a Modest Mouse song, which I then … butchered … horribly.
Unfortunately losing at Karaoke had me suffer dishonour.


That wrapped up the Samurai Night Fever festivities, and my end result was 7 honour and 1 dishonour for House Tsuru.


We tuned into the Hon Basho afterward, to let our teams compete.  Senshu won me $1, and I may change up my team a bit for the next tournament.  Too many injured fighters, and too much singing instead of getting ready for the tournament.


I didn’t consume as much Sake, simply because I had a date planned for Sunday afternoon.  Speaking of which, I need to pick out a couple of “Thank You” cards.


–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?