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A day late

But not necessarily a dollar short.  Keri and I spent the bulk of my reading break on packing and moving.  We’re close to being done, just items to be stored and things to be donated left, plus cleaning.  I managed to finish my two papers and a solo project as well, which was followed up by studying for a mid-term.

During the process, eight Hyacks went to Zones and seven of them qualified for Provincials at the end of February.  As a team we placed third overall; three golds, two silvers, and two bronzes.  This coming weekend is a sub-only tournament in North Van for myself.  Busy busy busy.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Yout #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army.


The Western Canada Age Class 2015 Championship tournament was held at the Richmond Oval on the 16th and 17th.  The tournament was filled with wrestlers from Alberta and British Columbia and all ages up to 18 years old; or whatever grade 12 finishes as nowadays.

The Hyacks registered nine athletes, two dropped out before weigh-ins due to injury.  All seven remaining athletes made weight, in categories ranging from 50kg to 130kg.  One athlete was not cleared medically due to a large patch of ringworm.  Despite that, his name would not be scratched from roll-call, a small oversight considering the 800+ athletes and coaches.

The six remaining athletes would all medal: one gold, two silvers, and three bronzes.  The important thing is they all had fun there, and they learned some lessons; maybe it’s important to wake up on-time and eat prior to leaving in order to have some energy.