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CBJJF 2016 B.C. BJJ Provincial Championships

The 2016 B.C. BJJ Provincials went down at BCIT on Saturday February the 6th.  I competed in both Gi and No-Gi divisions, Master’s 1 Middleweight division; the Gi division had seven of us, and the No-Gi had five.

My first Gi match went well, I won on points and advanced to the quarterfinals.  My next match was against my eternal rival Clay.  We battle for the entire six minutes, where he won on points 7-4; his ability to retain me in half-guard was as impressive as it was frustrating.  I battled my final match for third place, and again lost on points; my strength faded against his, and I’m sure he knew it when pressing his advantage.  I am pleased that Clay took first placed, and subbed everyone else but me.  Our battles over the past year have seen some great evolution in both of our games.

Then it was on to No-Gi, where two people had dropped out, leaving us with a three-man division.  I was at the bottom of the bracket, and watched in interest as a North Van guy and a Prime BJJ — now renamed BOA BJJ — guy battled it out.  I faced the North Van guy first, and hit my biggest point spread to win the match 24-0; I had a lot of success with guard passing by utilizing a strong club followed up with a backstep pass.  Then it was onto the Prime guy, who had some good wrestling.  He scored first with a decent double-leg takedown, but then I hit a sweep, pass, and mount to put the score at 9-2.  We battled from there, he was a tenacious fellow for sure, but in the end I secured the victory when the buzzer rang.

My coach and teammate Clint Cooper had a rematch with Alex Zieske of RDC — Clint had unfortunately twisted his knee in their last match at the Vancouver IO in December — and secured a tight knee-bar almost right away.  Clint also coached two of his new adult students in their first tournament matches, and while it didn’t go their way, they had a lot of fun and would do it again.

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CBJJF Vancouver International Open

Saturday December 5th was the launch of the inaugural Vancouver International Open tournament, hosted by the CBJJF at the UBC War Memorial Gym.  They had close to 700 competitors, and a schedule that would have doors open at 7:45AM and the final matches start around 8PM.  A long day for all of the staff and volunteers, but we got through it with few incidents.  I had a few jobs as the day progressed: I started at the weigh-in table, moved to score-keeping and semi-impromptu ring coordination, and ended with Gi/No-Gi checks combined with a bouncer-style position to ensure a specific area remain open to those with a media or coaching pass.

I registered for Gi and No-Gi, Master 1 Middleweight for both.  The Gi division started as six of us, but had a late addition from the Master 2 bracket when half (a.k.a. one) of the opponents didn’t show up.  There ended up being three of us from Genesis, but fairly well separated by other matches.  My own match didn’t go very well, my long-time opponent Clay from Gravity BJJ pulled me down into a tight triangle choke in the opening seconds while I was busy setting up for a single-leg attack.  He was rewarded with the tap and moved on to face my teammate Rich.  At this point I was starving, so I grabbed some lunch from the volunteer’s food table and sat down with my cousin Courtney who had arrived in time watch my quick match.

My RDC teammate/cousin Mike had arrived as well, so we had a small family gathering of cousins until I returned to my volunteering duties.  The tournament was running behind as the day progressed, at the worst being about an hour behind schedule, but started getting back on track as the No-Gi division started.  Clay and I faced off once again, this time we battle for several minutes until a scramble gave me the opportunity to sink in a Rear Naked Choke at the expense of securing the position.  The gambit paid off and I was rewarded with the tap.

As always I was decked out in crisp new Gi from Triangle Athletics, and my go-to shorts and long-sleeve rashguard.  I haven’t worn the rashguard in a while, keeping to short sleeves while wrestling, but putting it on felt like coming home again; familiar, comfortable, and wondering why I didn’t wear it sooner.

Many of my Genesis teammates competed as well, and several of them made it to a podium finish.  Some of them competed in No-Gi for their first time with no prior training and had a lot of fun.  It will likely be my last tournament until February of 2016, and in the meantime I’ll be busy studying, enjoying time off, and starting yet another semester.20151205_184130

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I mentioned in my B.C Provincials recap that Keri and I volunteered at the tournament.  It is a unique experience to be on the other side of the fence, coordinating the athletes to mats, keeping score, or even weighing the competitors in and checking their uniforms for irregularities.  I also assisted in the setup the night before; laying down mats that I would later be competing on.

As it was our first time volunteering, neither of us wanted to take on heavy duties.  We didn’t want to mess up anything for the competitors.  Keri was a ring coordinator and sometimes a scorekeeper; I stuck to scorekeeping duties the entire day, which allowed me to jump in and out when I needed to compete.  I was pretty nervous when the day first started, even though they were Mitey Mites and wouldn’t know if I messed up or now.  Fortunately I had a fantastic referee who made eye contact for awarding points and giving clear signals for everything.  He took the edge off, and the day started very smoothly.  Together with the ring coordinator, we – and everyone else of course – had the teens and women’s divisions going by noon.  Pretty good for a 9AM start time.

The day kept going smoothly, and it wasn’t until I had finished my gi division that mistakes started to creep in.  Fortunately, the mistakes were correctly quickly, in part to the experience of the ref, and in part to the fact that I’ve known the ref for the better part of a decade – he ref’d my first match.  Around 4PM there was a noticeable lull as a few of the Absolute divisions were finishing up; most of those athletes were also in No-Gi.  My No-Gi division was free of Absolute participants, so I ran to collect the division, a referee, and a scorekeeper and got it moving.  I figured it would be easier to get it done now, rather than in the middle of all of the No-Gi divisions.

Around 5:30PM, I realized that I could not brain anymore.  It had been a long day already, plus competing, with barely any breaks.  I packed it in to the main coordinator, and pulled Keri out as well.  I did manage to pass my duties off to longtime friend Matt Kwan who was waiting for his No-Gi division to be called, so at least someone would still have a scorekeeper.  Then it was all of the food to recharge and watching Fabricio Werdum use some Jiu-Jitsu to win the belt.

I am pleased to have volunteered and give something back to the community; I will be volunteering at future events, and if Keri is available, I’m sure she will be as well.

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CBJJF B.C. Provincial 2015 BJJ Championships

Saturday June 13th was the 3rd Annual CBJJF B.C. Provincial BJJ Championships, hosted in the Abbostford Centre.

The long-quick of it: I competed in Master’s 1 Middleweight for Gi – Blue Belt – and No-Gi – Intermediate, taking Bronze in Gi and Silver in No-Gi.  I shot three take downs and scored with all three, and finished a submission in a tournament for the first time in a long time: a bow-and-arrow choke.  I was also able to get some coaching in, with mixed success.  Last, but not least, I assisted with setup the night before and volunteered the day of.  More on that in a later post.

Many thanks to my awesome sponsor Triangle Athletics for their continued support, I definitely looked good on the mats with their sweet swag.  Major props to all of my teammates and friends who went out there and competed; some of them took home battle-tested hardware, others stepped onto the competition mats for the very first time.  And major thanks to the CBJJF staff, referees, coordinators, and volunteers for making such a major tournament possible and keeping it running very smoothly.

Having a venue like the Abbotsford Centre is great: plenty of seating for friends, family, and teammates; a zone for coaches; catering for the staff and volunteers; assistance from the Abbotsford Centre staff in setup and tear-down; and plenty of parking.  One of the best moves the CBJJF has done is experiment with the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton, and received huge feedback in favour of such venues.  Thus far, the CBJJF has also used the War Memorial Gym at UBC, and the aforementioned SOEC and Abbotsford Centre.

20150613_162937 image–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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Review: Triangle Athletics Shorts and Rash-guard

My first care package from Triangle Athletics was some No-Gi gear: a pair of board shorts and a long-sleeved rash-guard.

Let’s start with the Shorts:

  • Side slits for movement and performance.
  •  Velcro waist band with drawstrings.
  •  100% polyester micro stretch fabric.
  • Full sublimation

I’ve worn quite a few brands of shorts in my day, for wrestling and for No-Gi.  I like my shorts to be light and comfortable, with a waistband that flows with my movements. Well these shorts are quite possibly the best I’ve worn.  The micro stretch fabric is soft, comfortable, and light.  I barely noticed anything during my No-Gi matches.

Now the Rash guard:

  • Long-sleeved
  • Full sublimation
  • Elastic waist

I’ve only used one other long-sleeved rash-guard prior, so I’m more familiar with the short-sleeved versions.  However, what I do know is the cut of this rash-guard allows for quick and easy adjustments of the sleeves to straighten them if required.  The rest requires very little adjustment after the fact as it moves with the body.

I don’t do a whole lot of No-Gi training, and yet I enter the No-Gi divisions in tournaments.  These shorts and rash-guard were put into the line of fire almost immediately: two No-Gi rounds at the academy and then three matches at a tournament for a podium finish.  Now I have a hankering to use them all the time, and I have the perfect solution: I’m volunteering at a local high school to help their wrestling program.  Their coach is one of my college professors, so I can help the students out in style!

Check the gear out at Triangle Athletics, and decide on your colours!
BCProv2_Dec_2014_TARS_01BCProv2_Dec_2014_TARS_02 20141206_160538–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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CBJJF B.C. Provincial BJJ Championships

Saturday was the B.C. Provincial BJJ Championships II, presented by the CBJJF, hosted at UBC War Memorial Gym.  It was a bit more to travel for a local tournament, but oh well.  I competed in Gi and No-Gi at the Master’s 1 division, Middleweight for Gi, and Lightweight for No-Gi.  The divisions were small yet tough.  Genesis had a large crew competing all across the board, necessitating someone there to coach from 9AM until 5PM.20141206_133348

My Gi division was originally a 4-man bracket, but we added a fifth.  And then along the way we lost a man, and went back down to a 4-man.  I lost both my matches, first one on points to the eventual Gold-medal winner, and the second via triangle choke.  I haven’t reviewed my match videos yet, but I know my big mistake on my second match, and that won’t happen again.  I believe the winner of our bracket also placed on the podium at the recent World Masters.

My No-Gi division was a 3-man bracket, including Matt Gri whom I faced at the Vancouver BJJ Championships in October.  I went first against Chris Nan, and lost on points.  Then I faced Matt and won on points, forcing a re-match with Chris for Gold.  For whatever reason, I screwed up my arm-bar defence by standing and gave up the tap to take silver.20141206_160423Other than my silly mistakes – one of which has been immediately corrected, the other which just needs a tad more reinforcing apparently – I had a good time implementing my revised game plan, and the pressuring game worked well.  Especially in my No-Gi match against Matt, I shortened my scrambles in order to lock down a position from which I could work from.  I even managed a single-leg-to-inside-trip take-down, it just happened outside of our out-of-bounds line.  The only other problem was technology: recording several matches and taking podium pictures nearly killed the batteries on my phone and Keri’s phone.  That means that I wasn’t able to get video of my No-Gi matches unfortunately.

I’m proud to represent my Genesis family and crew at the tournament, and my Triangle Athletics family.  Big thanks to Keri for her continued support, and everyone who came out to support the team on a rainy Saturday.

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Tournament Schedule

Here is a list of my upcoming tournaments:

  • May 10: CBJJF Western Canadian Championships (Burnaby, BC)
  • June 14: CBJJF Okanagan Summer Classic (Kelowna, BC)
  • July 5: Katana BJJ Roots BJJ Challenge (Richmond, BC)
  • October 4: Katana BJJ Vancouver BJJ Championships (Richmond, BC)
  • November 8: CBJJF B.C. Provincial Championships (Burnaby, BC)

And potential tournaments:

  • July 26: LEAP The Revolution (Seattle or Tacoma, WA)
  • November 16: LEAP The Revolution (Seattle or Tacoma, WA)

And just to explain all of the acronyms from above:

  • CBJJF: Canadian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation
  • LEAP: Liberty Events and Promotions

Now, there may or may not be a quiz on those, so I hope you paid attention!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

P.S. I hope you enjoyed some Irish luck today!

CBJJF presents: Okanagan Winter Classic 2014

February 22nd was my first tournament of 2014; the CBJJF Okanagan Winter Classic.  You may remember that I attended last year’s Winter Classic as a white belt, and earned a Silver in the Middleweight division.  I didn’t even write a full post on it, just attached it at the end of another.

Well, this Winter Classic was a bit different.  It was my first tournament in a long while as a Lightweight, and I had quite a successful and easy weight management program.  I made weight for Gi at 166 pounds, 2 pounds under the 168 pound limit.  I was supposed to be part of a 4-man division, but 2 people didn’t show up.  Ryan Kehoe and I faced off, quite amusingly since he is part of RDC BJJ under Sterling Redlack, while I was borrowing their school name.  We had quite the colourful commentary going on.
I felt great starting and ending the match, but I wasn’t very active.  I lost via advantages, Ryan worked a little more than I.20140222_142507I hadn’t planned on competing in No-Gi when I initially signed up, but upon seeing the draft version of the athlete’s list, I noticed that Jacob Dwyer of RDC was alone in the Middleweight division.  I volunteered myself to the right people, letting them know that I would step up from Lightweight to Middleweight to avoid Jacob having to move to Medium Heavy, and they accepted.  A third person found their way into the division, and thus solidified the division.
Jacob received a by to the gold medal match, I took on Matteo of Pacific Top Team Kelowna.  While I lost via guillotine submission, I was very happy in how I dealt with his arm drag during his attempt to take me down at the start of the match.  I stepped through his arm drag attempt and established a solid seat belt and dragged him down before sliding over into mount.  He near-successfully Lumberjack me, but I managed to roll things around and slide into his guard instead – and thus into his submission.20140222_173813

Overall I’m happy with my conditioning.  The tournament was on-time, despite two ambulance-worthy injuries, and it was good to see my Okanagan friends again.  I have a few things to work on, and a few bad habits to break, and I know I’ll improve upon them.  My weight management skills held up, and will be tested again on March 1st with another tournament.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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2013’s Year of the Snake: In Review


Technically an unlucky number in North American culture.
Year of the Snake … which I’m maybe a little surprised no one has tried a half-assed Slytherin reference.
Another funny quip that I don’t actually have.

And still lots of Jiu-Jitsu.

Here is another year of important notes, days, and highlights in my year.

-January: Newly-created “Senshu” stable wins 4-large in the 15-day tournament.  A decent spread considering how little we pay attention to the Sumo action on-screen some days.  Also, convinced by friends, I signed up for Lavalife, because “what do I have to lose?”.

-February: Right as the month changes, my friends Jordan and Susie gave birth to baby girl Teja Marie Simnovec, at 4:38PM MST February 1st, weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces.  I interrupt myself and my coworkers with a victorious yell.  On February 23rd, I competed at the CBJJF Okanagan Winter Classic tournament, in the White belt Middleweight Gi division, taking Silver.  The CBJJF goes out of their way to create some awesome looking medals, each tournament has a unique design, and so far they’ve never repeated themselves.

-March: Rallying forward for another victory, Team Senshu wrestles forth, but earns only 1-large.  Injuries and too much singing may have played a part in their lack of decisiveness.  I was also convinced to work the Sunday of the Tiger Balms, a local long-running martial arts tournament.  It was pretty much a waste of my time to be there.  Sumo hosts extraordinaire would host a “Samurai Night Fever” costume party, and I would finally get to use my Kamikaze Europa gi that I had purchased years ago.  I also had a first date with a wonderful, beautiful woman whom I would find out shares many of the same passions as I.  Our first date would not be our last.

-April: Easter weekend would prove to be a monumental event for me, having a first that I had never had before.  I would also take over another round of teaching so Christiaan, his wife, and their baby girl Audrey could go on vacation.  The Chilliwack UFV rec centre would find out that I can dance to Gangam Style in the pool for the entire song.  That is tough ab work right there.  Finally, I would join Genesis Martial Arts + Fitness under BJJ brown belt Jason Gagnon.  Under his employ were my former wrestling coach Jordan Galaugher and West Coast teammates Devon MacIntyre and Jason Rueck.

-May: I would embark on my first company-paid trip to Quebec City to man a booth an the ITF Taekwon-do National-level tournament and showcase new Adidas uniforms that the company would be carrying soon.  I was looking forward to seeing ITF in action, but the booths were set up in the cafeteria and separated from the action.  I estimate at least half of the participants and spectators didn’t know we were there.  But I did get to practice my French, which made me realize just how rusty it is.  There was yet another West Coast seminar hosted by Budo MMA and Scott Boudreau, where friend and teammate Michael Hurley would finally receive his blue belt.  Finally, I would compete in the CBJJF Western Canadians, but lose first round via triangle choke.  My opponent burst quite a few capillaries and blood vessels around my eyes.

-June: Quite a whirlwind month with the birth of Alexis Wilson to Mark and Becca on the 5th; I was the Best Man at their wedding last year.  Keri and I attended WarPath 10 on the 21st, Amateur MMA fights where Infinity teammates Cody Livingstone and Lewis Hart would fight.  Both would lose first round, Cody via TKO (Knees) and Lewis via Submission (Triangle).  They were both warriors for going out there and putting it on the line like that.  The 27th would see the long-anticipated arrival of my nephew Ledger Beverly Perkins, born to Koji and Jana, weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces.  I would compete in and take bronze at the Roots BJJ Challenge in Richmond on the 29th.  As usual, I competed in the Middleweight Gi division.

-July: You thought June was a whirlwind, well July just kept on rolling!  Genesis held their official grand opening on the 14th, and it was two hours of BJJ with regulars, old friends, and guests.  At the end of it we went through some striping and promotions, some long overdue.  I myself received my blue belt and went through a very large gauntlet afterwards.  Six days later I competed in the CBJJF’s Okanagan Summer Classic tournament in Kelowna as a fresh blue belt.  I stayed with my cousin Mike, and enjoyed the 9AM start time for blue belts.  I won gold in my Middleweight Gi division, but was eliminated first round in the Absolute Open.  My adopted coach Sterling and Mike coerced me into the No-Gi division, where I sloppily took bronze.  Up until then, I hadn’t competed or trained in No-Gi since May of 2012.  Finally, my parents were in town, so Keri and I did a slightly seat-of-the-pants meet-up with: her parents, my parents, my aunt and uncle.  I feel as though she and I were the only ones nervous about it, and all for nothing.  Everyone had a great time, and great Greek food (with extremely large portions).


CBJJF Okanagan Summer Classic Gold Medal

CBJJF Okanagan Summer Classic Gold Medal


-August: Compared to June and July, August sounds lacklustre, but was still quite fun.  I did take a trip home to Alberta for the first time in over two years, and Keri came with me.  I showed her some of the sights and sounds of Edmonton – West Edmonton Mall included, and while staying with my parents, I chopped about 100 cubic feet of birch for them to burn in the winter … when the wood dries out that is.

-September: Starting on a whole new adventure, I enrol in the General Studies program at Douglas College (David Lam campus), signing up for Sport and Exercise Psychology, Conditioning for Sports and Physical Activity, and Bio-mechanics.  Battlefield 25 would take place at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, with friends and training partners Christiaan Allaart, Jeremy Kennedy, and Micah Brakefield fighting.  Unfortunately, Jeremy’s opponent would not be allowed to cross the Canada/USA border.  Christiaan would lose 1st round via triangle, but Micah would win via submission.  Finally, I would commission “Team White Chocolate Bear” for the fall sumo tournament.

-October: I would spend the first major holiday with my girlfriend as a couple: Thanksgiving dinner with her family, and some extended family.  Having met some of them previously, the affair – while large in scale – wasn’t overwhelming.  The food was fantastic, and she and I provided over an hour of entertainment for a toddler with some pretty awesome toys.  The dogs helped as well.  I would also receive my sponsorship package from Fight Soap: three different soap bars designed for the person getting dirty in the everyday life (like a martial arts practitioner, or soldier), a sticker, a Gi patch, a hat, a discount coupon, and early access to limited edition soaps.

-November: a whirlwind of Jiu-Jitsu but really, who’s surprised at this point?  November 2nd saw me at the Vancouver BJJ Championships where I would take Silver in the Blue belt Middleweight division.  Two weeks later I would compete in the CBJJF B.C. Provincial Championships, but would be eliminated first round.  My cousin Mike and my adopted coach Sterling would travel to Las Vegas to compete in Grappler’s Quest and win some prestige in their divisions, including at least one title belt.IMG_2643IMG_7310-722x1024-20131105-075526 IMAG1427

-December: Finals, fights, and food.  World Series of Fighting came to town at the PNE Agrodome on the 7th, their 7th card.  Teammates/training partners/friends Micah Brakefield and Shawn Albrecht fought on the undercard, and unfortunately both lost.  Micah via corner stoppage/TKO, and Shawn by decision.  I attended courtesy of MMA Madhouse, in the media section.  Great seats.  The card was unfortunately on the same night as Battlefield 26, where teammate/friend Christiaan Allaart fought and lost via Guillotine choke, and Stu Deleurme lost via TKO.  However, WSOF had some great main card events, including “Notorious” Nick Newell upping his record to 11-0 with a first round Guillotine choke over local Sabah Fadai (I am no fan of his), and Team Alpha Male member Lance Palmer fighting for the Featherweight belt.  Unfortunately, Lance would lose via submission in the fourth round, but made for a great fight until then.  I did manage to snag a photo with Team Alpha Male head coach Duane “BANG” Ludwig.
I would finally get my final marks back from my professors, earning an A- in Sport Psychology and a B+ in Conditioning for Sport and Exercise.  Definitely happy with those, first finals in a long time.  At the end of classes, I sat down with my Psych professor to inquire about becoming a Sport Psychologist, and now have pencilled an outline of what I need to do in the next couple of years.
Professor Cobrinha came to town from the 13th to the 15th, and held a seminar at Genesis on the weekend.  The Friday night, he ran class like he would in L.A., and then he and my Professor Jason handed out stripes and promotions.  I earned my first stripe on my blue belt.  The weekend seminar was taking the back and applying a choke, and a couple of variations on getting the back and keeping it.  Nice and simple, and well drilled.
Finally we get to all of the foods.  My friend/former coworker hosted a Christmas potluck on the 21st, filled with delicious foods and deserts.  I definitely gained a few pounds.  On the 24th I made chili for Keri with my mom’s recipe, and it turned out decently well.  Just a few tweaks to make for next time.  Christmas day we had dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s, and Boxing day we had dinner at her parent’s.  So much delicious Christmas food, leftovers, and treats.
IMAG1556 IMAG1526

Well, there we have 2013 all wrapped up!  Quite a good whirlwind year, so let’s see what 2014 brings!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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CBJJF B.C. Provincials

A much quicker update, in more than one sense of the word!

The 16th was the CBJJF B.C. Provincials, which had a record 310 competitors register.  With so many people – an 8-man invitational-only No-Gi Brown belt bracket included – the normal schedule was a bit off, and saw most of the Genesis teammates compete within moments of each other or less.  Coach Jason was run ragged as he ran from match to match, though he inevitably missed a few.  Even a man such as he cannot be in two or three places at once.

The roundup: I lost my first match via Bow’N’Arrow choke.  I was unable to break my opponent’s posture while he was in my guard.  It’s a lesson to learn, and a hole in my game to patch up.

For now, the 2013 tournament season wraps up.  Now it’s back to regular training, and an upcoming weekend with Cobrinha himself to look forward to!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?