2016 BCWA High School Provincials

by prototypemmeh

February 25th, 26th, and 27th were the B.C. Wrestling Association High School Provincial Championships.  The New Westminster Secondary School Hyacks attended in force, along with their coaching team.  The 25th was weigh-ins, and thankfully everyone made weight.  We followed up with a team dinner that night, having some nice White Spot.  The 26th was Day 1, and everyone wrestled.  About half of the team made it to Day 2, securing themselves a Top 6 spot.  Connor and TJ were in the Finals, which meant that we would be there all day long again.

Day 2 is where grit and determination is truly tested.  Injuries accrued from Day 1 don’t heal, and only get worse as you wrestle more.  You’re mentally tired, physically drained, and you might have to wait until the afternoon for your match.  All of the Hyacks did well, and felt pretty good about their performances, and identified areas they need to work on.  Connor placed 1st, after being down 8-0.  He brought the score to a narrow margin, 8-9, but was still down that one point.  Then he snagged a cradle-pin for a strong finish.  TJ’s match was fast-paced affair, but he got caught up in the scrambling instead of forcing his opponent into a position, he took 2nd.

In an unexpected turn, there were no devastating teams this season.  The Hyacks boy’s team placed 1st, and our Pacific Rim affiliate STM placed first as a girl’s team, and as an aggregate team.  Our little area of New West is a huge concentration of champions.

The National Championships took place April 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.  I was unable to attend due to my exam schedule, and I hope to not have that problem next season; I should also have my NCCP certified status by then which will allow me to coach at the national level.  Three of the Hyacks placed 1st, a rookie placed 2nd, and the rest placed in the top six.  As a club team, Pacific Rim took 3rd in Men’s Freestyle, and the province of B.C. took 2nd in the country.  Pretty impressive considering how little mat time we had this season.

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–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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