CBJJF 2016 B.C. BJJ Provincial Championships

by prototypemmeh

The 2016 B.C. BJJ Provincials went down at BCIT on Saturday February the 6th.  I competed in both Gi and No-Gi divisions, Master’s 1 Middleweight division; the Gi division had seven of us, and the No-Gi had five.

My first Gi match went well, I won on points and advanced to the quarterfinals.  My next match was against my eternal rival Clay.  We battle for the entire six minutes, where he won on points 7-4; his ability to retain me in half-guard was as impressive as it was frustrating.  I battled my final match for third place, and again lost on points; my strength faded against his, and I’m sure he knew it when pressing his advantage.  I am pleased that Clay took first placed, and subbed everyone else but me.  Our battles over the past year have seen some great evolution in both of our games.

Then it was on to No-Gi, where two people had dropped out, leaving us with a three-man division.  I was at the bottom of the bracket, and watched in interest as a North Van guy and a Prime BJJ — now renamed BOA BJJ — guy battled it out.  I faced the North Van guy first, and hit my biggest point spread to win the match 24-0; I had a lot of success with guard passing by utilizing a strong club followed up with a backstep pass.  Then it was onto the Prime guy, who had some good wrestling.  He scored first with a decent double-leg takedown, but then I hit a sweep, pass, and mount to put the score at 9-2.  We battled from there, he was a tenacious fellow for sure, but in the end I secured the victory when the buzzer rang.

My coach and teammate Clint Cooper had a rematch with Alex Zieske of RDC — Clint had unfortunately twisted his knee in their last match at the Vancouver IO in December — and secured a tight knee-bar almost right away.  Clint also coached two of his new adult students in their first tournament matches, and while it didn’t go their way, they had a lot of fun and would do it again.

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–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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