by prototypemmeh

Being a very undersized Middleweight competitor (up to 181.5lbs with the gi on), I have two choices: cut the few pounds to be a Lightweight (168lbs) either each time or permanently, or gain weight — preferably muscle.  So I decided on option 2: muscle.

Getting another membership and finding the time to get there just wasn’t feasible, along with the fact that I didn’t have a workout plan.

Problem 1: a gym.  Answer 1: Douglas College.  Students get access to the weight room and other facilities during their posted hours.

Problem 2: finding time.  Answer 2: Before, after, or between classes.  Certainly makes it worth the drive when I can do something on campus that is longer than a single class a day.

Problem 3: a workout plan.  Answer 3: Jack-Attack!  My boy Jack, a wrestler on the SFU team and a classmate of mine, was already doing sessions at the gym.  He, like I, was on campus five days a week.  It was only natural that we join forces to be gym-boys together.

Boom, problem solved!  Now I just have to actually gain weight.  The bonus side of things: we’re doing some anaerobic cardio as well, something that is a must for wrestling and BJJ.  We’ll get stronger, we’ll get more endurance when the pressure is on, and we’ll look good doing so.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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