Live Free or Random Hard

by prototypemmeh

  • I finished a book that I started shortly after Christmas.  About damn time.
  • I sorted through a lot of my childhood stuff from my first home.  Four big boxes can be donated or saved for grandchildren, three Banker’s boxes were emptied into various recycling.  That should give my parents more space to reorganize.
  • The air-quality here right now is driving my lungs insane.  I am not enjoying breathing right now.  But since I need it to live, I shall continue.
  • While we were vacationing, we missed a crazy windstorm that affected the Lower Mainland and knocked out a lot of power.  I’ve always known Maple Ridge to experience power outages, but our area came on after five hours or so.
  • I rewatched a few Disney movies, and finally watched Brave.  Slowly completing the Disney Viewing list.
  • Once more the title references Die Hard.  Because why not?
  • ADCC 2015 wrapped up, giving us some champions that no one saw coming, and some that everyone saw coming.
  • Finally, this post goes up on a Monday.  It’s been a while.

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