Cat Scratch Fever

by prototypemmeh

Well, no fever at least, but definitely a cat who is scratching.  Poor Helo has been getting some random inflammation around his eyelid.  It comes and goes quickly and without rhyme or reason.  He started to groom it excessively — much like a child would rub their eyes if there was an irritant — and gave himself a bit of a bald spot.  We decided that a vet’s appointment would be best to make sure there wasn’t a bigger issue that we couldn’t see.

He was surprisingly calm on the car ride there and back, which is a nice change from typical cat-in-car behaviour, but he didn’t want to come out of his little carrier when we in the vet’s office.  When we got him out, he stayed curled up in a defensive posture but somewhat calm so long as I kept my hands on him.  His general check-up was good, and a closer examination came up negative for any scratches on his eye.  He was prescribed a cream to help reduce and stave off any inflammation, so hopefully that will keep it away.

In the meantime, silly Helo, Y U SO OBSESSIVE?!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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