The Fruits of Summer

by prototypemmeh

One of the perks of living in B.C. – especially around the Vancouver area – is the seasonal beer.  In Alberta, liquor stores tend to stick with the main labels and only bring in small amounts of other labels.  It is the downside to having stores open until 11PM on weekdays, and until 1AM or 2AM on weekends.

This summer I have been taking advantage of fruity beers.  I have tried eight or nine different beers – some at random, and others on recommendation – and have found varying degrees of success with my picks.

  • Shock Top.  They introduced a variety pack including a Belgian White, Raspberry White, and Lemon Shandy.  All three were great, but when compared to the Raspberry and Shandy, the Belgian was simple a palette cleanser in comparison.  On it’s own, the Belgian would stand up very well.  The Raspberry is great when poured into a mug, it really allows the scent to come out.  The Shandy is an amazingly light beer; in theory meant for hot summer days, but something that I could drink any time of the year.  They offer a 12-pack of the Shandy in cans, very handy.
    Overall Ratings: Delicious!
  • Rickards.  The Radler offers a light-tasting grapefruit beer out of a bottle, great for a quiet night in or on the patio.  This beer is offered in most liquor stores as Rickards is owned by Molson, which makes it easier to get, and so far has only been seen in a bottled 6-pack.
    Overall Rating: Very nice!
  • Parallel 49.  Why it’s named “Tricycle” I don’t know, but it’s damn delicious!  My first encounter with this beer was after a great open mat, and I drank voraciously.  This beer tastes like a grapefruit in liquid form with alcohol mixed in.  I always end up drinking the last half without pause.  It comes in a 6-pack of cans.
    Overall Rating: Damn Delicious!

I’ll certainly be trying other beers before the season is over, and hopefully stocking up on my favourites to keep us through the off-season.

Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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