2nd Annual Marcus Soares Invitational

by prototypemmeh

Saturday the 21st I competed at the 2nd Annual Marcus Soares Invitational, a WBJJF submission-only tournament. The venue was in North Van, and quite nice both inside and outside.  The day was sunny and just warm enough, and inside was a well-run tournament that finished around 2:30 in the afternoon.  It is amazing they stayed on time despite having only three mats for competitors.20150221_121657

I partook in both Gi and No-Gi, Lightweight for Gi and Middleweight for No-Gi.  I was looking forward to trying my wrestling out for the first time this year.  My Gi match was against former wrestler and long-time competitor Jordan Guevara.  I knew about his wrestling going into this, and decided to go for it anyways.  While he would get the submission finish on me, I saw a few spots that I would have to tighten up on.

No-Gi fared better, though I still didn’t score my takedown that I wanted.  Richard Jack, a former teammate of Clint Cooper’s from the island, eventually pulled guard when he realized that I knew more than enough not to enter a half-clinch with him.  My arm-drag prior to the guard pull was unsuccessful because I did not get my hips in close enough.  We battled in guard for a while with Richard pulling off a sweep.  I countered by forcing a lumberjack sweep on him and lifting his feet right off the mat.  He managed to lock in a straight ankle lock to get the win.

My plan was to get a podium finish and then pull something off that I had never done before, but I only managed the second item: I proposed to my girlfriend.  Granted, the way I did so was probably better as it was low-key and we were all but ignored as she said “yes”.  Fortunately my friend James from Caliber Images was there and helped to capture the moment for us.received_10155313250690473

That was my weekend in a nutshell, and my excuse for why this post is a week late …

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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