Randomer with a Vengeance

by prototypemmeh

Well, we’re well into 2015, so it’s time for another round of Random!

  • I actually come to a full 3-second stop at stop signs and right-hand turns with lights (given no yield).  How dare I?
  • I bought two new books this month.  How dare I?
  • I am volunteering at a secondary school (or high school for some of us) and their wrestling program.  How dare I?
  • A lot of my favourite fighters to watch have retired from the octagon: Chael Sonnen (now on PodcastOne.com, “You’re Welcome), Duane “BANG” Ludwig (Head coach at Ludwig MMA, former Team Alpha Male head coach).  How dare I?
  • My currently-active favourite fighters are both WSOF: “Notorious” Nick Newell (#5 Lightweight), and David Branch (Middlweight champion).  How dare I?
  • I clip my lunch kit to my backpack.  The kit rides my hip comfortably and stays out of the way.  How dare I?
  • I should have title this post “How dare I?”, but I didn’t.  How dare I?

Any random facts of your own?  Comment below … if you dare!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
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