Wrapping Up

by prototypemmeh

Well, the presents are unwrapped, the food has been consumed with gusto, and the aftermath cleaned up.  Christmas has come and gone, but thanks to the multitude of get-togethers, the spirit and joy has lasted longer than just one day.  This is my second Christmas where I am with someone, and I have to say that I have been more excited to watch others open their gifts and spend time together than I have been waiting to open mine.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy my gifts, Keri got me some wonderful things, including The Voice of Reason: A VIP Pass to Enlightenment by Chael P. Sonnen.  I devoured that book, it along the same line of “You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen” – his podcast on PodcastOne.  Of course, I am biased towards Mr. Sonnen, and one day I will meet him and do some wrestling with him.

My parents went a different route this year, and asked me to use the money for their gifts and donate instead.  They’ve chosen the Delta Community Animal Shelter to receive the donation.  On that note, Daisy – or River as we called her – has been adopted, hopefully to her forever-home.

New Year’s Eve fast approaches, and then things go back to normal: school, BJJ, tournaments, all the usual jazz.  I hope you enjoyed your holidays, and had plenty of merry-making!  I’ll see you in the New Year, alongside the Christmas cards I sent!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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