The Marks!

by prototypemmeh

Well, the due date for final grades was the 18th.  And true to their word, the rest of my final grades were up Thursday morning.  The handy-dandy – and nearly accurate – GPA calculator spreadsheet had prepared me for the worst-case scenario, and I knew I could pull a 2.9 GPA back up to 3.2 or higher by next fall.  Fortunately, there was some good news in store for me:

  • ENGL 1106: Reading Fiction = B+
  • MATH 1160: Intro to Statistics = P
  • PSYC 1200: Intro to Psychology II = C
  • SPSC 1164: Motor Skill Acquisition = A+

So it’s across the board for my grades, but Fall semesters seem to be where I learn the most in terms of life lessons.  I now know that I can handle four courses, including a lab section for one, and still do well.  Yes, I could have done better in Psychology.  Yes, I would love to blame it on my schedule, but I made that schedule myself.  My winter semester schedule is already better, and I’ll be able to do better in the four courses I’ve chosen.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the Christmas break, play video games, and eat lots of food.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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