The Exams!

by prototypemmeh

They are finally over!  All of my four courses had a final exam or project, and fortunately my Psych prof – Dr. Cera – had us write our final exam in class.  At the end, he would quickly mark it, return our summary essay, and give us our final mark.  If you passed, then off you go.  If you didn’t, then he had you stick around.  I passed, so I can only assume as to what the others talked about.  Motor Skill Acquisition had final project for pairs, and while it wasn’t difficult, it was a bit of a slog to get through.  I would have enjoyed being assigned the project in week 10 to give us a little more time, but wishes are not fishes.

My finals were all in the same week, and scheduled to start at 3:30PM, which makes for a long – and somewhat stressful – day.  I prefer to write earlier, 8:30AM if possible.  It goes with that “get it over with” mentality, and it allows me to concentrate on other things after the exam: other exams, or what beer I’m going to buy.  Very critical.  Hopefully my professors are able to read my chicken-scratch hand-writing that has been polished thanks to my southpaw pen-grip.

Some marks have already been released – which means those professors are beasts at getting through marking – and thanks to a handy-dandy GPA calculator I estimate my cumulative GPA will be around 2.90.  I believe that all marks have to be in by December 18th, so it won’t be long until I see how my assumptions go.

In the meantime, anyone want to buy my Stats textbook?

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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