Whirlwind Weekend

by prototypemmeh

Well, Keri and I had quite the weekend adventures!  It snowed, we got a flat tire, changed to the spare tire, but the spare tire was flat as well.  It’s fortunate that she has her winter tires on another set of rims, so I picked them up and changed the tires.  While I was doing that, Keri was doing some laundry and sewing a patch onto one of my gis for an upcoming tournament.

Sunday we attended a Flavio Almeida seminar hosted by Revolution/Gracie Barra Langley.  Several GB students received promotions, including my friend Christian Tremayne to purple belt, and Jared Revel to black belt!  We learned some basic open-guard sweeps and attacks, all from the same position, so there’s no randomness to what was being taught.  Then we finished up with some positional sparring, separating the weight classes at 170 pounds.10537413_552205461581781_5684581140694656391_o

Now I’m down to the last two days of classes, most of which will be review, but I’m pretty sure Stats will still want to teach something.  *sigh*

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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