Black Friday

by prototypemmeh

I may not be American, but as a Canadian I get to take advantage of a lot of Black Friday deals.  It may be odd to us to have Thanksgiving on a specific date rather than floating around the third weekend of a month, but we reconcile with some great savings.FZL8FXDB_1390287355206

And now I want to make sure that all of you take advantage of Black Friday deals with Triangle Athletics!  For instance, their kimonos are on for a great price: the non-lined Brooklyn is $99, regular $139!  And the rashguard-liner version – the one I constantly wear to the academy, to open mats, to charity rollathons – is on for $119, regular $149!  And for all of my readers who live in the States, the free-shipping deal is still going.

Take advantage of the deals now, before today ends!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army