Movember Rollathon

by prototypemmeh

November 22nd was Gravity BJJ’s 3rd Annual Movember Rollathon, to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer.  Keri and I showed up around 4PM, and rolled until 6PM, watching a few Metamoris 5 matches in between.  Noon-5PM was the busy time when the bulk of people showed up to support, so next year we might go a bit later.  Regardless, it was very fun to get some good rolls in with different and new people.  I rolled with an old friend, Matt Kwan, for about 10 minutes – we couldn’t hear the ring timer – and it was good.  We were like two cats, limbs everywhere, but in a controlled fashion.  While he got the best of me – no surprise given he’s more than likely getting his brown belt soon – I managed a few things fairly well, and learned a few more things I can improve upon.  I would like to believe I am applying more pressure in order to play my game, but there are definite times when I go into full scramble-mode.

Saturday was big day for events:

  • Copa Podio
  • Metamoris 5
  • UFC Fight Night 57
  • Infinity MMA Open House
  • Gravity BJJ Movember Rollathon

Keri and I caught three of those: The open house, the rollathon, and about half of Metamoris.  The open house was at 2PM, and we rolled with friends for about an hour and half before making our way down to Gravity for more rolls.  There were prizes at the rollathon, and I won a bar of Gi Soap.10690333_1591148384438191_6110254537388678050_n63749_742029865876411_1343126915008353693_n 10407862_742031429209588_7009470593145615585_n

I was fully equipped to roll for such a long while thanks to Triangle Athletics, so check them out and take advantage of their sale while it lasts!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?
Respect the Technique, Triangle Army