by prototypemmeh

I commute four days a week to school and back, which takes me about 40 minutes to an hour for the round trip.  I get easily annoyed at all of the commercials on all of the radio stations, and the constant repetition of songs that I just don’t enjoy, so I’ve long ago made the switch to podcasts and audiobooks.  Based on what I enjoy, I have some recommendations to make.

Chaos Theatre: Your all-in-one nerd podcast from MAHQ

Hosted by MAHQ’s own Chris Guanche, and Pedro G. Cortes of Tomopop, this podcast focuses on the nerdy aspect of life.  From books, movies, t.v. series, and anime, they’ve got it all, and on occasion some interviews, like voice actor Crispin Freeman, or game developers, or Kevin Smith.  Chris and Pedro have great on-air chemistry, and are quick-witted.  They not only review things, but they also answer mailbag questions, and have an Audible.com trial and recommendations for audiobooks each episode.  They update every two weeks or so, and are available on iTunes; just search for Chaos Theater.

Gundamn! @MAHQ: Your unofficial podcast of all things Gundam and mecha!

Hosted by SoulBroRyu and Neo the blond/brunette/whatever his hair colour is right now Ace, and Chris Guanche (who is currently on a vacation hiatus), this podcast focuses on mecha-based anime, and some sci-fi films like Pacific Rim and Transformers.  They also have interviews with voice actors, and do call-in episodes.  Each episode goes over breaking news regarding Sir Michael Bay (not actually knighted under the British Empire), Robot Apocalypse (sanctioned by the 12 Colonies), and other mecha news.  Then they have their one or two main segments, typically reviewing a mecha series, or having an interview.  Finally, they wrap up with the mailbag and voicemails.  Gundamn! updates every month or so, and are available on iTunes.  Plus, SoulBro makes some awesome audio commercials.

Verbal Tap Cast: Where fighting is easier outside the cage

Hosted by Kevin and Raf Esparza, two BJJ practitioners and MMA enthusiasts.  They have interviews with so many people, BJJ experts, MMA fighters from all organizations, and pre- and re-cap tournaments and cards.  This makes their update schedule a little difficult to keep track of, but near as I can tell it’s at least once a week.  They are also legitimately funny.  I’ve only been listening for about a month, catching up on the backlog of episodes, but now I’m almost there.  Find them on iTunes!

Open Mat Radio: Tapping you into Grappling Culture

This is the latest podcast I’ve begun listening to, and they have quite the backlog to sort through.  Hosts Paul and Rafael are very knowledgeable in grappling, and have tonnes of great interviews; B.J. Penn, Rafael Lovato Jr., Dean Lister, and so many more.  Some of their interviews are cut into two parts, making each of their podcasts very reasonable in length.  With over 100 episodes to go through, I haven’t been able to discern an update schedule yet.  Find them on iTunes, and they have some contests with cool prizes!

What are some of your favourite podcasts, and why do you enjoy them?  Let me know!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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