P.T.T. Open Mat

by prototypemmeh

We only have to be enemies for the 10 minutes we’re fighting on the mat, the rest of the time we’re friends,” Maestro Marcus Soares.

November 8th was a huge open mat day called “P.T.T. and friends Open Mat”, hosted at the Pacific Top Team Chilliwack location.  The P.T.T. crew is comprised of a great bunch of guys all over B.C., including Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Chilliwack, Burnaby, Richmond, and more.  I typically see the P.T.T. guys at tournaments, so it’s a very nice change to get together in a non-competitive atmosphere and just roll.  Half-a-dozen of us showed up from Genesis, and I saw a few other academies like Adam Ryan’s and Revolution.

Harley promoted his son to blue belt, a huge accomplishment in its own right, a few months before he turns 16.  Plus, Harley and Super Dave promoted Steve to black belt, in part as something to look forward to after knee surgery.  It was cool to be there in person for something like that.

I had some really fun rolls, including a “rematch” with my friend and tournament-opposite Creigh.  Most of us were pretty darn careful when rolling among so many other bodies, but that didn’t stop it from being awesome.


–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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