For Sale!

by prototypemmeh

While doing a few loads of laundry on Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to clean out my closet of BJJ gis that I hadn’t worn for a while.  I have three gently used gis for sale.  All of the gis are washed with dye- and perfume-free detergent, on a cold-water cycle, and hang-dried.  I wash my gis after each training session to stop bacteria from colonizing and creating odours.

We’ll start with the collaboration between Inverted Gear and Tap Cancer Out.  It’s an A2, but their sizes run a tad larger than normal, which is why their half-sizes do so well. The A2 is listed as a 5’8-5’11, 165-195 pounds range, which sounds normal for an A2, but the jacket width at the torso is wider than what I consider “normal”.  If you’re closer to the top end of the weight range, or built in the chest/shoulders, then I’d recommend this gi.  However, the jacket is adorned with a round Genesis patch on the back, and a rectangular Team Genesis patch on the bottom of the top lapel, right under where your belt would sit.  There are embroidered patches on the sleeves of the Inverted Panda on the left sleeve, and the TCO logo on the right sleeve, and a rectangular TCO patch at the bottom back of the jacket.

The gi is of the typical quality you’d expected from Inverted Gear: 550 gsm pearl weave; 12oz ripstop pants with pearl weave crotch elastic rope and 6 loops.  It’s comfy and fairly light, and has been through a Cobrinha seminar.  It normally sells for $120-$150.

Next up is the G1 gi from Very Hard to Submit.  It is an A2 as well, and runs a tad slimmer.  The length of the sleeves and pants is not affected, but the width of the jacket is recommended for someone around 5’9-6’1 in height, and 140-160 pounds in weight.  The gi is 550 gsm pre-shrunk pearl weave with rip-stop pants and pearl weave crotch, and an elastic rope and 6 loops.  The VHTS logos are embroidered on the left and right sleeves.  It is quite light, and would serve well as a competition gi.  The G1 normally sells for $120.

Finally we have the never-used Royalty gi from Reign Unlimited that I won in a draw.  Once more an A2, with a “standard” fit, as in one that is similar to the fit of other A2s I find comfortable.  The gi itself is the softest I have felt outside of a hemp gi, and it’s a 450gsm pearl weave.  The pants are 100% ripstop with a stretch cord drawstring and 6 loops.  The gi is adorned with multiple patches, and comes with a drawstring bag to hold the gi.  It normally sells for $140, and is currently on sale for $99.

If anyone is interested in purchasing, then please e-mail me at, or send me a message through Facebook if you came to this post from there.  It will be first come, first serve, and I can ship the gis for the additional cost of shipping.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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