Season-based cleaning

by prototypemmeh

With my summer semester over and Keri having more than one day off in a row from the hospital, we’ve had time to start our “spring” cleaning.  I know, it’s more like late summer/early fall cleaning, but the truth is there’s never a time not to go through old stuff.  Now that we’ve settled in comfortably to our place, we can start going through the boxes to see what is no longer needed.  We’ve already taken care of our closet, the result being three recycling bags full of clothes and a lot more floor space.  I used to have near a dozen duffel bags full of stuff, now I’m down to the basics: a duffel bag for BJJ, a duffel bag for tournament travels, and a suitcase currently holding my cosplay stuff all in one place.

We’ve also done the dresser, but I don’t feel like I made much headway there.  I did make space, but then filled it all back up again with some stuff from my closet.  I’m storing my tournament shirts, gym shirts, and running shirts there, with the idea of having a patchwork blanket of their logos.   I will have to return to the dresser, but at a later date.  The crawlspace comes first, and the kitchen.  It seems that for every mug we donated earlier in the year, my mom has given us something else to replace it.  Most of it is very useful, like spoon-holders I can use while cooking, a recipe sheet holder, jars to hold spices and the such, etc.

The bright side of all this cleaning – apart from having more space and less clutter – is finding things that I’ve wanted to find: my old USB drive, and my “winter” running gear: long-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved top layer, and gloves.  And there are a few things that are sell-able, which certainly helps.  I thought my DVDs and books would be a lot harder to part with, but apart from two titles in particular, it wasn’t a problem.  The rest went on a list, partly to see if any would sell at reduced prices, and partly to make it easy to take to a local second-hand book store.

While the cleaning and purging took up a decent chunk of my break, it was worth it.  11 boxes came out of storage on the first day, and only four went back in.  Some of these boxes have been with me since Alberta, and I haven’t looked at them since.  We don’t foresee moving for a while, but we must remain open to the idea depending on where Keri is hired.  If we do end up moving, then we won’t have as much useless stuff to worry about.  Instead, we just have a bit more furniture to move.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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