by prototypemmeh

The summer semester is long over, and the fall semester has begun, marking my fourth semester in college.  Thus far I’ve taken a veritable mish-mash of courses, essentially just whatever I could get my hands on.  Near the end of the winter semester I started to track and plan what courses I would need, and now I have a better understanding.  Technically I’m juggling a diploma course and a degree at the same time, with slightly different requirements.  The Sport Science diploma requires 18-30 credits in Sport Science courses, plus 24-36 credits in electives, and 6 credits in English.

The BPEC degree also requires 6 English credits, 60 credits in Sport Science courses, 12 credits in Applied Methods courses, 27 elective credits, 3 Philosophy credits, 3 Math credits, 9 Science credits, and 8 Fieldwork and Portfolio credits.  I’ll have to juggle some of my electives around, but I can make it happen.  The Academic Advisers at Douglas College have thus far been prompt and helpful with their answers.  I’m sure they don’t hate that I’ve organized all of my questions  Just one or two more things to clear up, and I should be good until I’m nearly done my diploma.

Apart from writing down what courses I must take, I’ve also written down some of the electives and made note of what sounds interesting.  I’ve also asked former and fellow students what courses they enjoyed and added them to the list.  I’ll have to see how well I manage four courses plus a lab this semester, and if it goes well then I should be able to hit up another four in the winter, and possibly do the summer semester again.  I don’t look forward to the summer hours of the cafeteria, for whatever reason the Tim Horton’s closes about halfway through the semester and leaves us all stranded in an ocean of caffeine withdrawal.

The research has also gleaned some other interesting information: I must obtain two separate NCCP certifications, my basic C-level First Aid and CPR, my BCRPA certification, and my High Five certification for Childhood Development.  I foresee a busy summer going for those.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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