Battlefield 32

by prototypemmeh

Saturday August 23rd was Battlefield Fight League’s 32nd card, and it was a whopper of a fight!  My friend Micah Brakefield was supposed to fight Revolution’s Jared Revel, but had to pull out due to injury.  The final card looked like this:

Jeremy Kennedy (4-0, 1-0 BFL) VS Andre Da Silva (1-0 BFL) Pro Featherweight
Gary Mangat (4-1, 3-1 BFL) VS Blair Oster (2-2) Pro Bantamweight
Josh Morgan (2-0, 1-0 BFL) VS Arjan Bhullar (0-0) Ammy heavyweight
David Perron (6-3, 0-0 BFL) VS Ryan Ballingal (4-7, 0-1 BFL) Pro Middleweight
Craig Maclean (6-2, 2-1 BFL) VS Nick Ghaeni (3-0, 1-0 BFL) Ammy bantamweight title
Bradley Nicholson (2-2, 2-1 BFL) VS Cole Smith (3-0, 2-0 BFL) Ammy bantamweight
Ryan Leask (1-1 BFL) VS Marlan Murillo (0-0) Ammy welterweight
Paul Cowie (1-0 BFL) VS Daivd Cunnigham (2-2) Ammy lightweight
Christian Tremayne (1-4, 0-2 BFL) VS Navid Mirzaei (0-1 BFL) Ammy lightweight
catcheweight 160 pounds
Johnny Gallang (1-1, 0-1 BFL) VS Sohrab Said (0-0 BFL) Ammy catchweight

The weigh-ins went smoothly, though Navid Mirzaie’s camp was under the mistaken pretense that the bout with Christian Tremayne was at 160 pounds, and not the proper lightweight division of 155 pounds, thus their bout is now a catchweight.  Bradley Nicholson’s weight was posted at 139.2 pounds, which puts him a tad over the Bantamweight limit of 135 pounds.  Craig Maclean looks to defend his Amateur Bantamweight title against Nick Ghaeni, and there will be no shortage of contenders as both Tylor and Bradley Nicholson look to state cases of their own to vie for the belt, along with Kirk Tse.

Bout 1: Johnny Gallang vs Sohrab Said: Gallang’s offence stopped the fight rather quickly in a savage TKO.

Bout 2: Christian Tremayne vs. Navid Mirzaei: It was a back-and-forth affair, Mirzaei striking first, but Tremayne ending each clash.  His cardio looked to be a lot better than Mirzaei’s, and in the end Tremayne took the Unanimous Decision for a well deserved Win.

Bout 3: Paul Cowie vs. David Cunningham: The first 30 seconds were spent by each fighter feeling each other out before Paul shot in for a takedown.  There was a distinct lack of action culminating in Paul looking up at the ref in confusion.  David clutched his eye, and in came the doctor.  His eyes were fine, but David had verbally tapped out at 1:16 of round 1, making Paul the winner.

Bout 4: Ryan Leask vs. Marlan Murillo: the first round was extremely exciting with Murillo getting the better of Leask with strikes and a takedown.  As the second frame opened up, Leask caught Murillo with a savage hit to end the bout at 0:13 for a TKO win.

Bout 5: Cole Smith vs. Bradley Nicholson: They opened up with kicks right away, with Nicholson landing a good head kick on Smith.  Smith worked a takedown, but Nicholson got off a good back-hammerfist that seemed to open a cut on Smith’s forehead.  Nicholson looked for armbars and triangles as Smith looked to pass, but the ref called a halt and asked the doctor, who waved the bout due to the cut.  Nicholson wins at 2:02 of round 1 by doctor stoppage, which should give him the next shot for the Amateur Bantamweight belt.

Bout 6: Craig MacLean vs. Nick Ghaeni: The action began immediately, as befitting the champ and the #1 contender, but Ghaeni landed a solid hook on MacLean, sending him crashing to the canvas.  Ghaeni moved in, but MacLean stood up, and Ghaeni got around to pick him up and slam him down.  Ghaeni ended the bout with a flurry of strikes.  Nick Ghaeni is the new Amateur Bantamweight Champion at 0:29 of the first round.

Bout 7: David Perron vs. Ryan Ballingal: Perron opened up with strikes, and Ballingal answered back, but was taken down.  Ballingal covered up as Perron threw hammerfists relentlessly, and the ref called a stop at Ballingal’s lack of attempts to move.  Perron wins via TKO at 1:39 of round 1.

Bout 8: Arjan Bhullar vs. Josh Morgan: Morgan threw a few punches before Bhullar mashed him against the cage and worked a takedown.  Morgan stayed in bottom half-guard until the end of round 1.  Morgan opened up with more strikes at the beginning of round 2, getting a knock-down, but Bhullar stands up and wrestles Morgan to the ground to sit in top half-guard again.  The third round opens up nearly the same as the first round, with strikes exchanged before Bhullar took Morgan down again.  Bhullar wins 30-27, Unanimous Decision, and is given a Pro bout against Adam Santos for his next fight.

Bout 9: Gurdashan Mangat vs. Blair Oster: the pair open with kicks before Mangat scores the takedown.  Oster works back to his feet, and they exchange a few more strikes before Mangat takes Oster down in the centre of the cage.  Mangat mounts Oster, and drags him over to his corner.  Oster attempts to dismount Mangat, but nearly gives up his back instead.  As Oster stands, Mangat jumps on the opportunity to take Oster’s back and sinks in a deep rear-naked choke as the clock counts down.  Oster gives the ref a thumbs up, and then taps out.  Mangat wins via rear-naked choke at 4:59 of round 1.

Bout 10: Jeremy Kennedy vs. Andre da Silva: The two touch gloves, and then the action begins.  Kennedy and da Silva exchange some blows before Kennedy shoots in and takes da Silva down.  Kennedy sits in top half-guard and drops elbows and punches until the round ends.  The second round opens up much the same, only faster.  Kennedy works a takedown, and passes to full mount and looks to finish with strikes, but da Silva rolls over, and Kennedy capitalizes with a rear-naked choke.  Da Silva taps out at 3:15 of round 2, Jeremy Kennedy wins via rear-naked choke.

Another great night of fights in the books, and it was great to see Mangat, Kennedy, Nicholson, and Tremayne in action again, especially since all of them picked up a Win.  Arjan Bhullar showed his skills quite well in his MMA debut, and is looking forward to his Pro debut, but I personally don’t think he’s ready for someone who can land effective strikes.  Nicholson should be next in line for a crack at the belt, and Ghaeni will look to defend it.  Mangat plans to drop to 125 pounds for his next fight, providing he can find himself an opponent.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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