Review: Triangle Athletic’s Brooklyn Gi

by prototypemmeh

My man Desi of Triangle Athletics contacted me with a pre-sale opportunity to try the new Brooklyn gi.  I took advantage of his offer, nabbing an A2 with built-in rashguard liner.  It’s a 450 gsm pearl weave with ripstop pants, and the jacket has a sublimated rashguard lining on the inside.  The black contrast stitching pops against the white material, and the logo is simple and fully embroidered.  It came in a nice draw-string bag, these are perfect for becoming “dirty bags” to hold any sweaty gear or clothing after training if you still have fresh unused stuff in your gym bag.

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My A2 is 3.8 pounds, ranking it among the lightest gi.  It would probably be a bit lighter if I didn’t choose the lined version.  It fits quite well, both pre- and post-wash, and is comfortable and soft.  The ripstop pants are light and very needed when it’s hot or muggy outside in this area, have a slightly stretchy round rope and six loops to tie your pants, and the crotch is made of pearl weave gi material.  I’m pretty sure this is my gold standard for pants: all other pants must live up to these, and I don’t see how they could be improved.

-Monday: we did 1-minute rounds, trying to pass the guard.  First was spider guard, and then De La Riva guard.  We partnered up, got into a circle, whereupon one partner would engage the guard, and the other would attempt to pass.  We moved counter-clockwise until we returned to our original partners, and then we switched who was engaging the guard and who was moving counter-clockwise.  After completing both circuits of spider guard, we switched to De La Riva and repeated the cycle.  The gi held up to sleeve grips, lapel and collar grips, pants grips at the ankle and hips without fail.  The lining was extremely comfortable, and despite being a bit out of shape, helped keep my temperature regulated which helped my breathing.

-Wednesday: we drilled stripping the feet of spider guard to pass, scissoring between the legs to gain side control, and shooting in for double-underhooks to pass the guard.  Following that were escapes from turtle using the ankle or the thigh and sitting out to take the back or sitting in to take your opponent down into side control.  Apart from the specific spider guard grips, the gi went through a variety of grips and movement and didn’t even blink once.

-Friday: not many showed up, so we set the clock and rolled round after round.  The gi underwent the dynamic sessions without a fuss, and was very comfortable to roll in.

The gi has been washed four times in just over a week: once prior to the first training session, and after each training session.  The rashguard liner doesn’t add a lot of time thanks to the fan we use to help dry things that don’t go in the dryer.  It remains stiff enough to trouble your opponent – at least for the first bit – but soft enough that you look forward to putting it on and keeping it on.

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–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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