A sad tail

by prototypemmeh

No preamble here, it would hurt me too much.  We had to return River to the Delta animal shelter.  She opened up to us a lot, and developed separation anxiety, in part from all of the noise in our area.  There are a lot of dogs out, particularly from 9AM to 7PM, and despite most owners having a fence, they didn’t always close the gate.  River became quite defensive towards all dogs, growling and moaning, and raising her hackles.  We tried to socialize her with other friendly dogs, but even with a pug she was not a happy camper.  We also tried working on her anxiety, but her previous conditioned responses were proving to be extremely difficult to overcome.

River had been in our lives for six weeks, six awesome dog-filled loving weeks.  We quickly established a routine of up at 6AM for early potty break, and again around 8:30 followed by breakfast and any medicine required.  Around noon or 1Pm – dependent on weather and how much water she’s had – would be another break, and a quick one around 4PM.  Evening breaks were at 6:30-7PM with her evening meal, and 9PM, followed by a final one around 10-10:30PM.  Of course, if I was at school, then there would be a minor change in schedule, dependent on which campus I was at.

She travelled very well, settling in for the 12-hour trip to Edmonton, plus return.  A nice doggy seat-belt and some window shades are key to a great journey.  We stopped every two or three hours for a break, including pee, stretching, and gas.  It kept Keri and I refreshed as well, my typical plan when travelling solo is to push four to five hours, stopping only when I need to gas up.

We also discovered that she’s easy to bathe, especially outside without the tub.  She was quite obedient outside, and it’s a lot less to clean up when she shakes herself off.

Keri and I both miss her, but River wasn’t suitable to our lifestyles of work and school.  She would be a fantastic and loyal friend to anyone who worked from home, or was retired, with a fenced backyard to run in, and a quite neighbourhood.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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