by prototypemmeh

I was going to post something from “Life of Brian” until I realized that it might have been from “The Princess Bride”.  Now that my quotes are all mixed up, I’m not entirely sure that it’s an actual quote or not.  Maybe I just pieced it together.  Oh well.

Keri, River, and I packed up at the end of July for a quick trip back to Alberta.  One of my long-time childhood friends was getting married.  Our fathers had been coworkers and friends since before I was born, and we frequented holiday and summer parties, alternating houses.  Their wedding was held at the Sunridge ski chalet in Edmonton, a place I haven’t been to since I was but a wee lad.  It is actually a nice little place to hold a wedding and ceremony, except for the lack of chairs.  We had to move the chairs from the dining area to the ceremony area, and then back again, but it went quickly when we got an official chain-gang going.

My dad was the MC, and he had to make do without a microphone for most of his duties.  The wireless model kept dying on him, and besides, the speakers were at the wrong end of the chalet.  There were tears, as are typical at a wedding, there were laughs, and surprisingly there were very few overly drunk people.  The newlyweds requested that pictures of them be kept off social media and the like, while not a new request to me, I have to wonder if the groom’s unbridled dislike of communism has to do with it.  Probably not.

Sunday was a brunch at their parent’s house, a nice acreage way out in the country, and a nice sunny day.  Of course, the wasps and horse-flies were out in force, but I don’t think anyone was stung or bitten, a nice change.  After a lovely brunch and the gift opening, we headed home, and then Keri and I went into town for a quick bit of shopping and cheap gas.

A short trip, but fun, and worth it.  My brother, his wife, and their son couldn’t make it, which was unfortunate, I would have like to have seen them as well.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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