The Story of River

by prototypemmeh

You may have seen a new album posted on my Facebook area.  An album that contains a photo or three of a Shar Pei dog.  Her name is River, though once she was known as Daisy.  River is a foster-to-adopt dog who had a rough go in her last home and became very stressed out by the shelter.  She is quick to recognize us now, even after we dropped her off at the shelter again for an overnight stay before her appointment at the vet’s.  River had successful dental work — resulting in clean teeth and only one tooth pulled due to decay — and entropion surgery.  Her sutures, which look like eyelashes, come out at the end of the month, and until then she must wear her cone.

Keri and I have been fairly proactive in terms of setting up our home for a dog.  Cords have been bundled and tucked away, food and water dishes bought along with a leash and collar.  A kennel carrier for medium-to-large size dogs has been set up in the corner, which also serves as a platform for cat food and water.  Finally, a comfy — if poofy — dog mattress for her bed has been set up.  These changes have also allowed us to clean up a few things that we had been putting off.

River travels well in car, especially with our new dog seatbelt.  It keeps her on the bench seat in my car if I have to brake suddenly, and I’ve shortened it enough to prevent her from whacking herself on doors and windows from a sharp turn.  She’s not a fan of any motorcycle, she growls at them with deep throaty voice.

Our girl already has the nickname of “Sweetie”, as her namesake River Song from Doctor Who is often heard saying.  I usually call Iris “bubi” from Die Hard (“Hans, bubi, I’m your white knight!”), and now sometimes I call her “Sweetie” as well.

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–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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