Signs you’re dating a Nurse

by prototypemmeh

  • You start memorizing how long it takes to prep and cook
  • You time meal readiness to coincide with their return
  • You pack 6+ small containers of easily eaten food that won’t typically cause bad breath
  • In case of bad breath, you buy breath mints once a month along with the regular groceries
  • You do the grocery shopping between your classes or before/after work
  • You become intimate with the various washer and dryer cycles and their exact times
  • You do a load of laundry 1.5-3 times a week, because no one wants to wear dirty scrubs
  • You get a crash course in human anatomy and physiology
  • You enrol in a post-secondary course for human anatomy and physiology to better understand conversations about work
  • You have blacked out the bedroom window so they may better sleep during the transition from day shifts to night shifts
  • You learn to maximize the few moments available during their 4-day 12-hour shifts
  • Their coworkers recognize you from popping in with coffee and treats
  • You find medical textbooks open to various pages
  • You begin to memorize certain pages from said medical textbooks
  • You are familiar with – and a fan of – one or more of the following shows: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House M.D.
  • You are familiar with – and a fan of – one or more show not listed above
  • You are familiar with many of the normal questions asked by medical professionals in regards to what ails you
  • You don’t see a doctor, you get the bulk of your clinic-worthy visits done at home between shifts
  • Your friends want to see you for medical advice instead of waiting for a doctor

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–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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