Death Experiment Updates!

by prototypemmeh

I should really rename this experiment … oh well!

  • The pull at the top of the collar has gotten worse and gone all the way through to the outside.  From here I can only extrapolate that the hole will widen, especially if the left side lapel is pulled with a lot of force against the right side.
  • The stitching for the rear patch is failing on the left side and the bottom.  I expect the patch to be hanging by few threads before it is inevitably pulled off completely.
  • The pants are still holding up quite well, just fading in colour from repeated washes in rapid succession.

I delayed the experiment for a few days before the first weekend of June, because my highly-anticipated Blue Dream Gi from The Green Gi came in.  I used it as soon as it came in, washed it, took it down to Bellevue for Proving Grounds, had 4 matches in it, and then realized that at some point during the tournament, my right sleeve had ripped.  Not through the seam, but very near.  The material just sheared apart.  I was very saddened to see it, and e-mailed the team at The Green Gi once I got home.

Unfortunately, going from the Blue Dream back to regular gis is a difficult transition.  This is especially true because I’ve since resumed my experiment in taking this Gi to Death’s doorstep.  Progress, in the name of science!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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