6-month goal update

by prototypemmeh

I recently reviewed the goals I posted in January, and looking at them now, I think I made them too easy.  Let’s review!

  • create a first draft/rough draft compilation video for potential sponsors
  • Prototype’s BJJ Journey, Square 1
  • create a “cover letter” for potential sponsors
  • written, sent, awaiting response from one place, and second “interview” from another
  • figure out my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement/Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Sport Psychology) and Master of Applied Psychology (Sport Psychology,) at Victoria University, Melbourne.
  • compete internationally in BJJ
  • Registered for Proving Grounds, June 7th, Bellevue, WA

So, maybe a tad easy, but perhaps I had more motivation to complete these.  Which also means it’s time for some new ones!  Again, both short- and long-term goals, including my incomplete/in-progress goals.

  • earn my purple belt in BJJ
  • gain a second sponsor
  • gain a long-term sponsor that is willing for more than one-shot sponsorship
  • research all of the necessary information for studying abroad in Australia
  • research all of the necessary information for becoming an Australian resident/citizen
  • research the time and cost for becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (to supplement BA and MA)
  • re-start my running exercise, re-time my 1-mile, 5k, and 10k times
  • improve upon my 1-mile, 5k, and 10k times

These new goals, combined with the remaining previous ones, should provide enough of a long-term setting while allowing a sense of accomplishment while on the road to achieving these goals.