Until death do us part

by prototypemmeh

I have decided to perform an experiment.  With my jiu-jitsu gis.  Well, one gi specifically.

Now, normally I rotate my gis after each use, using one once a week or less.  This cycle creates a a very slow drain on the life of the gi, allowing it to be washed immediately after training, and properly air-dried.  A normal 3-year life-span of repeated usage is extended to 5 or 6 years, barring major defects.  Such a cycle makes each gi worth their cost, even a $300 Lucky gi (which are nice, but not worth that much).

This experiment is created because one of my gis is approaching non-legal status for tournaments regarding sleeve-length.  So I’ve decided to resume normal speed on its life-span by wearing it for virtually every training session.  Our fan-augmented air-dry assists having the gi cleaned and dry for each training session.  I have noticed a few defects beginning before this experiment, but after several sessions I have noticed a few more that I am not sure of.

  • Printed fabric is beginning to weaken and pull around the stitching, minor tears here and there
  • Material is pulling on the inside of the jacket, just below the collar.  Apparently I let too many people establish a nice collar grip which I then I have to forcibly strip.


I’ve never taken a gi to the point of death yet, mainly because I haven’t been practising with one gi for any length of time.  This will be an interesting experiment, and will also at worst create more space in our closet for another gi.

For science, huzzah!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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