by prototypemmeh

After today I have one last project due, and then finals.  This semester has flown by, but I’ve felt in control the whole way through.  I could attribute that control to an easier course load, or better groups for projects, or having a stable pillar of love in my life.  Or maybe it’s because I’m working my way up to veteran status for post secondary.

There is almost a night-and-day difference between my first semester and my second semester.  I’m taking immediate control of more things to get them done sooner, learning from harsh lessons.  There are fewer scary concepts, like APA referencing.  I would say that I have Sports Science courses – both required to graduate and the electives – pretty much in the bag.  I have a core group of professors that I will look for first, and several friends who are reliable for group projects and attendance that I will try to coordinate classes with.

Next semester will introduce some new things to me: non-Sports Science “electives”, such as English and Philosophy, and learning on two difference campuses.

The fall semester will likely introduce me to a heavier course load.  I may also be splitting time between courses required for my diploma, and courses required for my degree, and hopefully they aren’t mutually inclusive.  (By the way, is “mutually inclusive” even a thing?  Or is it just accepted as unspoken if mutually exclusive isn’t brought up?)

For now, I need to polish my paper on “Million Dollar Baby” and criminal violence in sports.  To MS WORD!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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