Review: VHTS’ G1 BJJ Gi

by prototypemmeh

Very recently I purchased a G1 gi from VHTS via, and I don’t know if I could be any more pleased.

First, BJJHQ has a deal every 24 hours on gear and apparel related to jiu-jitsu.  Every month or so they hold a 20-minute rolling deal.  They have limited quantities for each deal, so if you’re a normal size (i.e. medium, large, A2, or A3, etc.) then you need to jump on it quickly.  There are some good deals that have introduced me to companies I wouldn’t have otherwise found.

Next, VHTS is short for Very Hard to Submit.  They are a company based out of New York, established in 2013, dedicated to high-quality affordable products.  Sure, they’re new, and come amid the metric tonne of other companies that opened their doors recently, but I personally see their designs and fit as something that puts them above their competition.

Let’s list the G1’s tech specs:

White G1 Jiu-Jitsu Kimono (size A2)


  • 550G pearl weave 100% cotton pre-shrunk fabric
  • A label which you can write down your affiliation and name.


  • Ripstop single weave 100% cotton
  • Pre-shrunk fabric stretching round draw string
  • Gusset with pearl weave fabric the same as the jacket material

Prototype’s Pros:

  • Style: The G1 is subtle, with grey contrast stitching, a grey ribbon running down the right lapel, and a black ribbon running down the left lapel (and apparently those ribbons make collar grips difficult, so that’s a bonus eh?).  It has logos embroidered on the left and right arms, at the approximate location of the biceps/triceps brachii.
  • Weight: I weighed the G1 at 3 pounds, tying it for lightest in my arsenal.  This will allow me a little more wiggle room for competitions.
  • Fit: It exists!  A narrow jacket width with sufficient length, sleeves that aren’t reaching for the stars, and pants that are excellent in length and not excessively baggy.  And this after being cycled through the stash twice (and thus washed twice).
  • Feel: This is my first time with ripstop pants, and right now they feel light and effortless when moving, even after being all sweaty.  Standard pants tend to stick at the knees.  I’m familiar with the pearl weave, but for some reason this weave feels a lot nicer to the touch.
  • Price: I bought it from BJJHQ for $100 plus shipping, and the normal VHTS price is $120, so it is still affordable

Prototype’s Cons:

  • I don’t have any for the product itself, I’ve gotten over my mild fear of having white Gis (though I swear people bleed when I have a white Gi, and no other time)

Overall thoughts on

  • Affordable: their most expensive Gi is their very fancy-looking Galaxy, which features a partial inner lining of rashguard material sublimated with stars and nebulae of our galaxy.  Their most inexpensive Gi the Azure classic, coming in at just $91!
  • Customer service: their employees are prompt, polite, and helpful (I need to find a synonym that begins with ‘p’ for helpful).
  • Style: their styles and colours are perhaps a tad unusual, but not boisterous or downright disgusting.  You’ll be noticeable in a crowd, but in a good way (not a “my white gi is yellowed all over” or “I assembled my gi like Mr. Potato Head, but in the dark and didn’t look at it until I got to the tournament” way, but rather “eye-catching but subtle” way).

Where the Prototype feels improvement could be used:

  • Place their sizing chart on their website.  A minor gripe, especially since I first got in contact with VHTS for that reason.  They sent me their chart, but also offered their personal assistance for finding a size based on my dimensions.  This goes back to their customer service.
  • Provide an inside shot of their Gi jackets.  This is primarily for the Galaxy since it has that partial rashguard lining, and also proves that I’m picking at the finest of details.

I told myself that I wouldn’t buy myself any more Gis since I have five already, with a sixth on the way, but their Galaxy is damn sexy looking.  Fortunately they offer No-Gi gear, and some apparel to tide me over.  All in all, I really like what I see with VHTS,  I definitely like what I know about their G1, and I will continue to support them!

You can find VHTS on:

For now, I have another Gi that needs some patches sewn on!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?