Review: Chome Industries Sotnik Duffle

by prototypemmeh

In my Datsusara review a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was hard on my duffle bags.  Well, I decided to replace my dying duffle bag with a Chrome Industries Sotnik.

I had to do some research, they have an extensive line of bags to choose from.  After a few e-mails with a Chrome rep, I settled on the Sotnik.  A few of its features:

  • up to 65L cargo capacity
  • weatherproof cordura nylon exterior
  • made in Chico, California
  • only one zipper to worry about
  • meets most airline carry-on size requirements

I got it a few weeks ago after my Datsusara review, and in the middle of the moving process, but I finally put it through some solid paces over the past two weekends.  It has definitely been tested with two tournaments in rapid succession, and one that required some travel time.  And I am happy to say that it has raised the standard of what to look for.  It’s held:

  • two BJJ Gis
  • two BJJ belts
  • a pair of No-Gi shorts and a No-Gi rashguard
  • a pair of knee-pads
  • two shirts
  • two rolls of tape
  • a mouthguard
  • a small pill container
  • a bag of various fruits to snack on
  • a shaker cup
  • a few other various things

I also rigged a shoulder strap onto the bag with a pair of carabiners, now I have the option of slinging it over one shoulder or wearing it like a backpack with its main carry straps.  Its olive green colour and fairly unique design means I won’t lose it at the gym or a tournament (unlike, say, my shoes), and they have their logo – a gryphon – in a few subtle places.  Of course, now they have a black version with a subtle black-on-black digi-camo interior, but I’m perfectly alright with my olive green version.

The downside is the price.  Chrome Industries does things in high quality, nothing spared, and this means you pay the price for it (and customs/duties if you live outside of the States).  But they have a lifetime guarantee, and coupled with their high manufacturers standards, means you’ll have a bag that can take wear, tear, use, and abuse in style for years longer than your average bag.  These suckers have been tested in every weather condition North America can muster, and in some of the busiest cities.

Now I think I have a full range of bags to suit my needs.  If you’re interested, you can find Chrome Industries here:

Give their site a browse!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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