Katana BJJ Presents: Copa Katana III

by prototypemmeh

Another weekend, another tournament.

March 1st was the Copa Katana III, hosted by Katana BJJ in Richmond.  I entered in the Gi Lightweight blue belt division, and became part of an 11-man bracket.
We managed to find parking right away, all of the kids were done and the juveniles were just finished as we arrived at 1:30.  The tournament was running behind, but only by about 30 minutes.  They called my division to weigh in around 2:30, and I definitely made weight at 164 pounds with my Gi on.  Granted, it was my lightest Gi that I have, but one day it’s going to get called out on how short the sleeves are getting – which is why I take a spare Gi that’s a little heavier.  Don’t have to weigh in twice after all.

I had a by for the first round which pushed me to the last match of the second round, so I had to wait for all of them to go before my first.  I competed against a guy from Powell River BJJ, a team that I’ve had mixed success against in the past.  He was fast, but didn’t hold down positions for long, instead, he went for several submission attempts.  Eventually he locked in a triangle and eventually enough blood was restricted to my head to make me tap, but he was a little undecided on his technique.  I did try and stand up too quickly after the choke, and immediately sat back down.  Nothing serious, just low blood pressure for that couple of seconds.

Overall, while I was tapped out, I was happy with my weight management and my cardio, but unhappy with my activation levels.  I started this match too comfortably, and paid the price.  Just another thing to work on.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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