I am “New Age” …

by prototypemmeh

Actually, I’m not.  This has been going on for decades around the world.  I’m just the latest to join.


No, I didn’t just learn how to cook, but I did decide to do 90% of the cooking after my girlfriend and I moved in.  I enjoy cooking, prepping the ingredients, and getting the timing down like a finely tuned flow-roll.  It also gives her a bit of a well-deserved break for her last in-class semester as she studies and writes some papers.  My course load is much lighter, and out of the two of us, I currently retain function in my dominant hand.

As I mentioned before, I’m not the first to be the cook, and it’s certainly not new.
Her father cooks.
My younger friend Stuart cooks.
I believe Benevolance cooks.

I do enjoy the feeling of playing my part in stopping a gender stereotype.  But I also enjoy experimenting for someone, trying random things, spicing things up.  When I cook for myself, the food is primarily edible, with flavour being relegated down to a tertiary thing.  When I cook for her, flavour is right up there with being edible.

It helps that we’re shopping for our veggies at Langley Farmer’s Market (we have a location in Maple Ridge), and their prices are much cheaper compared to Save-On or Safeway.  Our meat we’re getting from Meridian Meat Shops, which is a butcher shop with everything very fresh and organic.  I get as much meat for the same price or less, and it is of higher quality.  The selection is greater as well.

I’m open to recipe suggestions as well, I’ve only used one recipe in my cooking thus far.  We do have several cookbooks, including “The Dolce Diet” by Mike Dolce (no, not the cake Dolce de Leche), and I’m sure we’ll try them out soon.  It also helps now that we don’t have to worry about allergens, though I still keep them in the back of my mind.

For now, back to studying for Wednesday’s midterm …

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?

P.S. To further bring notice to hang-drying clothes over a fan, my Gis are dry in a few hours at most, rather than 24-36 hours.  I can wash two or three in the morning, and use them by the early evening.  It’s quite handy.