Review: Datsusara’s Battlepack Core

by prototypemmeh

It’s slowly dawning on me that I may be a bit harder on my gear bags than the average person.
I’ve torn through three backpacks for work/school, two small duffle bags and one large duffle bag for training/overnight stays, with another small one on its way out.  It never feels as if I’m overly tough on them, but I suppose evidence points contrary.

I replaced my last backpack with Datsusara’s Battlepack Core.

In a nutshell:

  • made of hemp
  • YKK self-healing zippers
  • two side pockets for water bottles
  • two side pockets for iPod-sized devices
  • front pocket for books/tablets/accessories
  • microfibre-lined top pocket for phone
  • backplate compartment
  • “dirty bag” included to keep wet/soiled things separate

I use it for school, packing away my binder, two textbooks, and a small mess of other things.  It holds my wallet, keys, iPod, e-reader, and water bottle without any noticeable bulges, and the straps are stiff and great at bearing the weight.

The dirty bag is handy, as Datsusara designed their gear bags for the MMA practitioner.  Any of your sweat-soaked clothes can be stuffed into the dirty bag to keep everything else clean.  I use mine for my swimming gear after school, it keeps my towel, trunks, goggles, and toiletries without any fuss.  And it’s washable, so no funky smells set it.  The only downside is the printing washed right off on the first wash.  Small price to pay for otherwise excellent quality in every other aspect.

Well, that, and they run out of stock with what seems like regular frequency.  This may not be entirely accurate, as I believe they just redesigned all of their bags late last year.  They may have just ordered a smaller quantity to test the market again, but I know they have a second shipment coming in February or March.  Personally I’d advise the wait, they’re worth it.

Check our their site,, and browse the rest of their selection.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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