Review: BCKimono’s Comp V2

by prototypemmeh

I was fortunate enough to win a gi from BCKimonos, their white Comp V2.  They held a draw on Facebook, and I am familiar with them as they sponsor local athletes like Kabir Bath, “Super” Dave Rothwell, and Stu Deleurme, and they also helped supply newly-formed Pacific Top Team with their gis.

The draw and announcement couldn’t have come at a better time as I was in a rough slump when it came to getting my hands on the gis I wanted.

So let’s get down to the details!

I was so stoked when it arrived, I tried it on immediately, and took pictures.  Many … many pictures.

IMAG1658IMAG1660IMAG1661 IMAG1662 IMAG1663IMAG1664 IMAG1665 IMAG1666 IMAG1667 IMAG1668 IMAG1669 IMAG1670 IMAG1671

The sleeve length gave me enough room to have it shrink the typical amount after the first few washes, and the length of the jacket long enough to show off the brand patches and leave me room for my own.  I would not classify the jacket width as wide, but it is certainly generous for the two front sections and their overlap.  Even with that, it is still a nice fit for my slim-ish frame.  The pants fit extremely well, and will the epitome of a perfect fit after my next wash.

The entire Gi has grey contrast stitching, which makes for a nice subtle look for a white Gi.  All of the embroidery and patches stand out, as they are typically black or grey in colour.  All of the patches I will be adding will stand out, though I’ll have to make sure I coordinate colours properly.  (Never thought I’d utter or type that phrase)

Features I like:

  • long stretchy grey drawstring: the stretch helps me tie my pants to my desired comfort, and helps keep it there.  I double-knot my loops, and then tuck the entire thing behind the waist to keep it even more secure.  I have never had my pants fall down on me since doing so, and this style of drawstring is simply the best
  • four loops for the drawstring, placed evenly between both hips.  This also helps the aforementioned keeping-your-pants-on thing.  Four loops is ideal for me, more secure than two loops, and less annoying thank five or six loops
  • the embroidery: the logo on the back of the left pant leg isn’t brand-new, but it’s newer to me, and certainly the first Gi I’ve owned with said logo placement.  With all of the hoopla about patches on the jackets, I like seeing the logo in a more unusual place that is still visible and completely legal in IBJJF tournaments (before you ask, yes there are some Gis that look really sharp, but will probably fail an IBJJF inspection)

Features I’m unsold on:

  • white.  Okay, so it’s not a “feature”, but blue has been my thing for several years.  It tends to be my favourite colour.   However, a white Gi and a blue belt contrast so nicely that is sways my opinion
  • width of the front jacket sections: having not tried it in competition yet, I can’t say for certain if I’ll like it or not.  I feel as though I’ll be swayed in favour of it without much ado

Features I dislike:

  • blood.  Also not a “feature”, but you sure do notice it quickly.  Two training sessions, and I’ve already been bled upon.  Most of the spots I managed to take care of (or rather, my girlfriend took care of), but I missed one, and it dried.  Well, they may be covered with patches soon enough

All in all, I like the Gi, and I really appreciate BCKimonos doing a draw out of their own generosity.  Give their website a browse, and pick up one of their Gis, you won’t regret it!

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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