Vancouver BJJ Challenge

by prototypemmeh

November 2nd was the Vancouver BJJ Challenge in Richmond, and as a minor spoiler to this post, it’s the first time I have a picture of my hand being raised.

I say minor, because if you follow my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook at all, then you’ve been “spoiled” about the results almost two weeks ago.  And I say “spoiled” even though there’s no plot, only the suspense of waiting.

Let’s get to it:

As per usual, I competed in the middleweight adult male division, blue belt.  My first match was against a dude from Powell River BJJ, and after the full 6 minutes, I took the match 11-0 points, 1-1 advantages.  It was probably my most technical match to date.  I’ve uploaded the video below:

I lost my next match via submission, got caught in an armlock I haven’t seen for a while.  No excuses, only learning.

IMG_2643I have another tournament in a couple of days, maybe I’ll be a little more on-time with that one …

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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