Something New

by prototypemmeh

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this already, and my internet connection is just finicky enough that I can’t check in time.

I am in school.

That’s right, school.  Post secondary, Douglas College (David Lam campus).  General studies for now, taking classes for the Sports Science diploma program.

I’ve done my first week of school, and it’s been both fun and intense.  I’m only in three classes, but it’s enough to be considered full time by Douglas.  Yup, 9 credits.  I’m taking “Sport and Exercise Psychology”, “Conditioning for Sports and Physical Activity”, and “Biomechanics”.

Each class has provided a syllabus and a schedule of what we’re covering each week, homework included.  It helps to organize what I have due, and what needs to be prioritized.  It also helps in remembering when I need to bring gym clothes for Conditioning.  Nothing better to break the monotony of sitting at a desk reading or making notes by getting into the gym and exercising to pass.

I’m only at school four days a week, and have a decent break between classes on two of those days.  That helps get schoolwork or errands completed to lighten my overall load.

I suspect that exams will be a bit of a shock to me, but nothing too bad.


–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?