And now the results

by prototypemmeh

On Saturday July 20th, I competed in the CBJJF’s Okanagan Summer Classic held in Kelowna, B.C.  alongside my cousin Mike’s team: RDC Jiu-Jitsu.  This was my second tournament in the Okanagan – having competed previously in the Okanagan Winter Classic in February – and my first tournament as a blue belt.  I had pre-registered with the CBJJF as a white belt, but my promotion a week before the tournament prompted the registration change.  No sandbagging from me, a blue belt is a blue belt, no matter what.

I picked up my girlfriend after work on the way out, and she made some awesome breakfast-style wraps to eat on the road.  She makes a great co-pilot, as well as a great conversationalist.

The most joyful thing about being a blue belt: getting to be among the first division up to compete in CBJJF tournaments.  I had my division called up around 9:30A.M., quite a treat after typically waiting until 12:30P.M.  I won my only match 4 points to his 2 advantages: 2 for a sweep from half-guard, and 2 from a takedown.  His advantages came from a takedown attempt and a sweep attempt.  We were supposed to have six other people in our division, but they either showed up late or not at all.

CBJJF Okanagan Summer Classic Gold Medal

Ogopogo Gold

I competed in the Absolute Open as well, but lost first round via modified Bow’N’Arrow choke.

I waited around for my cousin Mike to compete, and then was roped into the No-Gi division courtesy of Mike and his coach Sterling Redlack.  When it came to calling the weight classes, they called every class BUT Middleweight.  It would have been faster to call it like that instead of listing off over half a dozen weight classes.

After finally getting called up, I would lose first round via points.  Spending over a year training solely in Gi doesn’t truly prepare you for No-Gi, with the lack of grips and the extra slipperiness from sweat and no Gi to soak it up.  I knew what I was in for however, and agreed to compete.  I definitely learned from that match.  Despite the loss, I tied for third.


Overall, my best tournament performance, even if I was short on submissions.  I’m happy to say that my medals have earned me points that will go towards being invited to an invite-only tournament at some point.  Hooray!

Brogopogos–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”Your #1 Canadian eh?