Jax Media

by prototypemmeh

Recently launched is Jax Media; a company that excels in a range of things: from website construction to logo designs to photo shoots and editing.

I’ve been honoured to be a part of a couple of photoshoots with Jax Media, and the results that I’ve seen have been astounding.  He’s prompt with getting the editing pictures on time, and during the shoot he does his best to give you an idea of what he has in mind.  He is open to suggestions as well, and always seems to put that extra bit of effort and care into his product.

Check out his range of skills at his website: Jax Media.ca
“Like” him on Facebook: Jax Media
Follow him on Twitter: Jax Media

And for those immediately curious, here is a little sample to feast your eyes on:

Fiery Fury Deep Thought No Heart