Let’s try this again

by prototypemmeh

So I gave blood on Sunday with my girl, my second donation ever.  My first was about two years ago when I was home for Stuart’s wedding.  The donation itself (the first one that is) went well, but a few days afterwards I would get pain in my arm and lose functionality until it subsided.  This pain would come and go for a couple of months before finally disappearing.  My mom thought it was due to BJJ, but unfortunately the evidence all points to the blood donating.  Even the pamphlet said that a rare percentage may experience nerve damage.  Lucky me.

My second donation went more smoothly than my first, even if I did have to wait longer this time around.  My first time I didn’t put pressure on the spot the needle was extracted, so when I stood it opened and I leaked a bit of blood.  This time I ensured that pressure was applied properly in the correct area.

The cafeteria was a bit disappointing, only juice and cookies, but considering it’s a mobile clinic, it’s not too surprising.  My first donation was done at a dedication donation centre in the U of A hospital.  They have a dedication kitchen which has soup, big cookies, juice, tea, and coffee.

For your third donation you apparently get a little Canadian Blood Services zipper add-on.  Part of me thinks that it should be for three successful donations, but one can’t be picky.  After all, I’m lucky enough to have veins easily found with little effort, and a strong enough blood flow that little-to-no additional flexing is required to fill the bag.  Keri started her donation before me and finished about three minutes before I did.

For my next donation I’d like to have a higher hemoglobin count.  I had a count of 152 this time around.  Another thing to add to the short-term goals I suppose.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
Your #1 Canadian eh?