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by prototypemmeh

…wow, a blog post on time … I remember when that was the norm for me …

“In Jiu-Jitsu you either win or you learn.”

CBJJF hosted their second tournament this year: the Western Canadians at BCIT.  They had six mats laid out, but one laptop broke, so only 5 were running.  That is still one more than their typical tournaments, and two more than they had at Vernon.

As per usual, I competed in the White Belt division, Middleweight category.  My official weight with Gi was 168.5 pounds, my heaviest this year, and second-heaviest competition weight.  There were 12 of us in the div, and we didn’t start until around 1:30PM due to a slight oversight.  Sadly, that is not the latest that I’ve had to wait …

My match ended in about 60 seconds.  I stuffed two takedown attempts and scored my own, landing into half-guard.  My opponent reguarded, attempted an armbar, which I used to try and pass his guard.  He pulled a triangle around me and locked it down tight.  I fought it as much as I could, even rolling him into a mounted triangle to relieve pressure.  Before I could use that to my advantage, he rolled back.  I figured when my tunnel vision closed in enough that I couldn’t see anything anymore, it was time to tap.

He was happy with his win – and who wouldn’t be – but even happier that I managed to fight it for so long.  He learned from our match that he can hold a triangle well, but he needs to tweak it a bit so he doesn’t overtax his legs.  I learned that I need to work on being aggressive after winning a takedown.

“In Jiu-Jitsu you either win or you learn.  Sometimes you do both.”

For the final part of this post, I’ve learned that points are being accumulated by CBJJF medalists, and that the top scorers will be invited to an invitation-only tournament.  This is exciting because winning at certain tournaments gives you points multipliers.  Unfortunately, it looks to be for adult colour belts only.  Seeing as my cousin’s gym RDC has the top name in Blue, Purple and Brown, I’ll have to go check it out and cheer my “Away Camp” on.

The next CBJJF tournament is June 8th in Red Deer, AB.  This one I more than likely won’t make, but there’s another one in Kelowna in July which I should be able to compete in.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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