Suggestion: Easy-Mode Cosplay

by prototypemmeh

Thanks to Stormland for the topic suggestion from last week’s post.

Cosplay.  Easy Cosplay.

I have no sewing abilities, nor have I tried to craft with Worbla, foam or pepakura.  Despite that, I have Cosplay plans flowing out of my ears.  A few of them are quite intricate and detailed, like Baird from the Gears of  War series, or a Spartan-II from the Halo series.

The easiest of cosplays to do may be Ryu or Ken from the Street Fighter series.  A gi with the arms cut off, a black belt, some basic Karate-style fists and you’re set.  Of course, it can be quite detailed, but you could assemble a basic costume for $50 or so.

Of course, there’s easy military cosplays you can do as well, anything from Call of Duty, Medal of Honour etc. etc. To make it look good you’ll need a molle tac vest, knee pads and thigh holster to accompany either an olive green or digi camo BDU.  Flag, unit and rank patches are optional, the same with molle pouches like ammo clip holders, dump bag, radio holder etc.  Even at a cheap military surplus store, you’re looking at at least $300 for a basic ensemble.

A problem that you might face when cosplaying something relatively simple and cheap is being unrecognized.  For example, you could go as Kiichi Miyazawa from “Tough” and only need a pair of black sweats with a red stripe down the outside of each leg and some hand wraps.  But it’s not well enough known or uniquely recognizable on it’s own, so you would be answering a lot potentially awkward questions.

Not quite as easy would be a few of the primary characters in Hajime no Ippo, since most of them have semi-custom shorts.  However, as old as the Ippo series is, there are some great fans who would instantly recognize a cosplay.

The more popular/common cosplays like Bleach, Naruto or even One Piece can be found online, a decent price for a decent-ish quality.  Of course sizing is always an issue when buying from online, so be prepared for technical difficulties.

If you have the talent and time to sew or craft, then the possibilities are endless, but those are a few examples of easy cosplays.  Please comment with any other topic suggestions you might have or other easy cosplays.

–Kiyoshi “The Prototype”
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